Exposing Kundalini & Leviathan


God is not the author of confusion, but of peace. Satan is the author of confusion. As you view these videos, ask yourself in what way is any of this ungodly behavior giving glory and honor to God? It is not. This blasphemous behavior is NOT of the Holy Spirit. Everything God does is decent and in order. What you are witnessing in most churches today are nothing more than dark concert halls full of deception and paganistic practices. There is no "holy laughter" which we have witnessed over the years by many ministers such as Kenneth Copeland, etc. I have witnessed it myself, and the Holy Ghost confirmed to me that this was NOT HIM so I turned it off and lost all respect for all of those false preachers whom I personally witnessed behaving in such a demonic manner. It is shameful, but most of all, it is NOT at all Godly, and none of this nonsense being perpetrated on the church has anything to do with lifting up the name of our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ, nor does it glorify HIm, nor does it in any way represent the HOLY GHOST. If you are involved in all of this occultic nonsense, I pray the Holy Ghost removes the scales from your eyes and that you leave that church and find a Pastor that preaches the full counsel of God's Word, unashamedly, and boldly.