GOD HEARS written, published & copyrighted by Deborah Taylor 2012

Table of Contents 

God’s Love Letter To His Daughters


Ruth and Naomi







Mary Magdalene





Rachel And Leah







Potipher’s Wife


Mary And Martha




Woman With The Issue Of Blood

The Woman At The Well

The Widow’s Mite

The Proverbs 31 Woman

About The Author







My Darling Daughter, 

You are my pride and joy. I am so proud of you. You are beautiful just the way I created you when I formed you and gently placed you in your mother’s womb. I created you with unique gifts and talents that nobody else has, so you could fulfill my destiny for your life. If you only knew the wonderful plans I have for you, for good and to prosper you, you would be dancing now.  I have watched over you from inception and will never leave you nor forsake you. You bring me such joy and delight. I know you have been hurt by others and have suffered much. I gave you a free will in hopes that you would choose to love and obey Me. I cannot make you love Me or want Me in your life. I’m always there, watching over you. Don’t you realize how much I love you? You know I own the cattle on a thousand hills. You know there is nothing I wouldn’t do for you. You know that nothing is impossible for Me. You know that all you have to do is call and I’m there. You know you can call any time of day or night, because I love you. You don’t know how many times I waited for you to call Me so I could help and advise you. I know you want to be independent, but you must understand that I only want what is best for you. I have so many surprises for you. I can’t give you everything I want to all at once, because you would not be able to handle all of the blessings I wish to bestow on you. You should never feel too ashamed to come to Me. You know I love you no matter what and I always will. You are My child and there is nothing you could ever do to make Me stop loving you. I only want to protect you and be a part of your life. Sometimes I am forced to step in for your own good, because I love you so much.  Don’t you know that you are never out of My sight? Did you forget that I have placed guardian angels around you to protect you? Don’t you know that I already know your thoughts before you think them? There is nowhere you can hide from Me, so why won’t you share your heart with Me? I know your every thought before you think it. I am a friend that sticks closer than a brother. I only want to do you good all the days of your life. I just wanted to remind you that I am here, patiently waiting to hear from you. It sure would make my day if you would call Me, my precious daughter. I would stop the world for you. I miss you, my “Princess”. Don’t forget that I am the King of Kings and you are a child of the Most High God. You are a princess and you are My daughter. I will love you forever, unconditionally. 

Your Loving Heavenly Father.









Based on the Book of Ruth 


Naomi and Elimelech,

Had two sons;

One named Mahlon, the other Chilion. 

In the days of Judges, there was famine in the land;

So they moved to Moab, left the land of Bethlehem. 


The sons took wives of Moab;

They were Orpah and Ruth. 

They all dwelt together,

Under the same roof. 


Elimelech died,

Then Mahlon and Chilion; 

She was left with two daughters,

To grieve over her sons. 


The famine was over,

She decided to go home. 

She told her daughters,

Return where they came from. 


They all wept together,

Said their last goodbye; 

Ruth refused to go,

She wouldn’t leave Naomi’s side. 


Ruth would not return,

She said she’d never leave. 

They left Moab together,

Heartbroken and bereaved.


Naomi told Ruth:

“Call me Mara, not Naomi”;

She felt afflicted,

By the Almighty. 


It was time for barley harvest,

When they got to Bethlehem. 

Ruth had to glean the fields,

To feed both of them. 


Ruth gleaned a field,

Whose owner was wealthy.

His name was Boaz,

A relative of Naomi. 


Ruth’s love for Naomi,

Integrity and devotion;

Won the heart of Boaz,

He asked her to marry him.


She’s no longer “Mara”,

She’s nursing baby Obed; 

The son of Ruth and Boaz,

No more tears will she shed. 




Based on Joshua 2.1 -6.25 


Rahab was a harlot,

All she had was family. 

Joshua sent two men,

To spy out her city. 


The spies found their way,

Into Rahab’s home.

She told them the fear,

Her city had known. 


She said they heard,

Their God parted the seas; 

Delivered them from Pharaoh,

Destroyed their enemies. 


The spies promised Rahab,

If she helped them flee;

They would save her,

When they took the city. 


They gave her a scarlet chord,

To put on her front door. 

They said when they returned,

They’d rescue her for sure. 


When they took the city,

God went before them. 

He told them to save her,

For the help she gave them. 


Rahab was a no-one,

In the eyes of the world, 

But her simple faith,

Saved her life from the sword. 


She simply believed,

In the God of Abraham. 

He honored her faith,

And provided for them. 





Based on Esther 1- 7 


King Ahaseurus held a feast,

And invited Queen Vashti. 

She refused to come,

So the king was angry. 


The king declared Vashti,

Was no longer queen.

She could never again,

Come before the king. 


He ordered virgins,

Be brought before the king;

To choose a new bride,

To replace the queen. 


One by one the women,

Were brought before the king.

He loved Esther most,

And made her his queen. 


A man named Haman,

Was the Jew’s enemy, 

Plotted their destruction,

To fill the king’s treasury. 


He hated the Jews,

Convinced the king; 

To agree to his plans,

And go along with his scheme. 


Mordecai told Esther,

Maybe God made her queen; 

For such a time as this,

To save their people from this thing.


She knew it was illegal,

To come before the king,

Unless he summoned her,

It would cost everything. 


She went before the king,

God showed her favor; 

So his men wouldn’t kill her,

He raised his sepulcher. 


She invited him to a banquet,

Invited Haman too. 

She revealed to both of them,

That she too was a Jew. 


The king listened to her,

Describe Haman’s evil plan, 

To destroy her people;

So he died instead of them.


Mordecai was given,

Haman’s high position, 

God kept His promise,

And saved His Chosen. 






Based on Genesis 17 


God told Abram his seed,

Would inherit the land He’d give him. 

Sarai could bare no children,

She had a handmade,

Hagar, the Egyptian.


She thought she was too old,

To bear Abram a son;

She told him to go,

Into Hagar, the Egyptian. 


She thought God needed help,

She had it all figured out. 

God told Abram he would, 

Bear a son without a doubt. 


Abram did as Sarai asked,

Hagar bore a son. 

They called him Ishmael,

He was Abram’s firstborn. 


Then God told Abram,

Sarai shall bear a son indeed. 

God promised to establish,

A covenant with his seed. 


Then God told Sarai:

“You’ll have a son next year”. 

He said: “Call him Isaac”,

Which means “Laughter”. 


It happened as God promised,

He was born the next year. 

Because of their old age, 

It filled all their tents with cheer. 




Based on 1 Samuel 1 


Two wives had Elkinah,

Hanah and Peninnah;

Peninnah’s heart was sore,

He loved Hanah more.


Elkinah and Peninnah,

Had daughters and sons;

She teased Hanah daily,

Because she was barren. 


Hanah vowed if He’d,

Give her one son at least,

She’d lend him to the Lord,

To be raised by the priest. 


Eli told Hanah,

God heard her petition.

She gave birth a year ,

After she saw him. 


When Samuel was weaned,

She took him to Eli;

To serve the Lord,

All the days of his life.


Samuel was the prophet,

Who anointed Saul king,

Then he anointed David,

After Saul’s failing. 






Based on Genesis 24 


Abraham sent his servant,

To find a bride for his son. 

He sent him to Nahor,

His home nation. 


He went to Nahor,

Sat by a well and prayed;

He wondered how to choose,

The right bride that day. 


He prayed to the Lord,

He said: “Lord, let it be: 

The first girl at the well,

Who offers water to me.


Then offers to give,

The camels a drink too,

Then I’ll know she’s the one,

Chosen by You”. 


She came to the well,

As he sat there thinking;

She drew for the camels,

Until they finished drinking. 


The servant praised,

The God of Abraham. 

He gave her silver and gold,

Put a bracelet on her hand. 


Rebekah agreed,

To become Isaac’s bride.

So he was comforted,

After Sarah died.


If you ask God,

And wait on His will, 

He will answer,

If you wait and be still. 






Based on Genesis 16 


Hagar the Egyptian,

Who bore Ishmael to Abram,

Was sent away,

Because Ishmael was mocking them. 


Sarah feared that,

Isaac’s life was in danger; 

They were sent away,

Because of jealous anger. 


An angel of the Lord,

Called to Hagar from heaven; 

He said: ”Fear not”.

God heard the prayers of both of them. 


He told her God would,

Make him a great nation.

God sent them away,

For Isaac’s protection. 


Ishmaelites became,

The Tabernacles of Edom. 

They’re enemies of Israel,

Philistines have joined them.


They are still confederate,

Against God’s holy nation;

They want all God’s land,

In their possession. 



The battle still rages,

It will continue until the day,

The Lord returns,

And takes us all away. 


He promised He would save,

The whole house of Israel. 

He is coming soon,

His promise He’ll fulfill. 






Based on John 20 


Mary came at dawn,

saw the stone was rolled away.

She thought someone had taken His body,

She didn’t know who or where it lay.  


She ran to tell Peter and John, 

“They’ve taken away the Lord”, she said.

They saw His linen lying there,

But knew not He rose from the dead. 


His tallit was lying there, 

Folded the way they’d known; 

They left the tomb discouraged,

And went back to their home. 


Mary stayed there weeping, 

Left alone, feeling forsaken; 

She wasn’t going anywhere, 

Until she knew where He was taken. 


She looked back in the tomb, 

She saw two angels in white; 

Sitting inside the tomb,

Where Jesus was laid that night. 


They asked her why she was weeping,

She said: “They've taken away my Lord”.

She turned and Jesus was standing there,

Didn’t recognize the Lord. 


He asked her why she was weeping, 

And who she was seeking after;

He said to her: “Mary”,

She turned and said: “Master”. 


He said: “Don’t touch me yet, 

I haven’t ascended to My Father;

Go tell the others I’ve Risen,

I’m gone to see Our Father”. 


She ran to tell the others,

That she had seen the Lord. 

For fear of the Romans, 

They hid behind closed doors. 


Then Jesus appeared to them,

He said: “Peace be unto you:

As my Father hath sent me,

So I send all of you”. 


He showed them His hands and side,

Then they all believed. 

Jesus breathed on them, 

The Holy Ghost they received. 





Based on Genesis 38 


Tamar married Er,

Judah’s first born. 

WhenEr died,

She was to marry the next son. 


She waited patiently,

For Shelah to marry her. 

Judah waited,

Blamed her for the death of Er. 


When Judah went to Timnath,

To shear his sheep,

She planned to play a harlot,

While he was asleep.


Judah had no money,

When he went to the harlot’s bed;

He gave her his staff,

And his signet ring instead. 


She covered her face,

Like the harlots did;

He didn’t recognize her,

Since her face she hid. 


She wanted a child,

To keep Er’s memory alive. 

When she got pregnant,

They threatened her life. 


Fearing for her life,

She went to Judah’s tent. 

She said the father of her child,

Gave this staff and signet. 


Judah repented,

And wept bitterly. 

He told her she’d live,

To raise her son with dignity. 





Based on 2 Samuel 13 


Absalom had a sister ,

Whose name was Tamar.

His stepbrother Amnon,

Lusted after her.


Amnon pretended,

he was sick one night;

Asked Tamar,

To prepare cakes in his sight. 


They were all children,

Of King David. 

Amnon raped her,

Causing much hatred. 


Absalom began to plot,

The death of Amnon,

For raping his sister,

David had forgiven. 


He hated David too,

For not judging him harshly. 

He plotted to take the throne,

Sought traiters in his army. 


David had to flee,

To protect Jerusalem. 

He knew he’d destroy it,

For the hate he had for him. 


While running from the army,

His hair was caught in a tree. 

He hung there in the open,

While trying to flee.


David’s men took turns,

Stabbing Absalom; 

They buried him,

So no one could find him. 


When David heard he died,

Nothing could console him;

He still had to thank,

Those who fought for him.


It was an empty victory,

For David and his men,

It was because of his,

And Bathsheba’s sin. 





Based on Exodus 2 


Jochabed had a daughter,

And two sons;

Miriam, Moses; the eldest was Aaron. 


There came a new Pharaoh,

No mercy did he show;

He made the Hebrews slaves;

Joseph, he didn’t know. 


The king told the midwives,

Kill all new born sons;

But they feared God,

More than the Egyptians.


He made his people,

Kill all male newborn babes;

Cast them in the river,

And make the rest slaves. 


Jochebed made an ark,

Hid Moses inside; 

She put it in the river,

Miriam watched alongside. 


Pharaoh’s daughter went down,

To the river to bathe;

She found the ark,

Had compassion on the babe. 


She took and raised him,

As an Egyptian. 

She paid Jochebed,

To nurse her own son.


You know the story:

God used him mightily,

To free them from bondage,

At the Red Sea. 






Based on Numbers 12 


Moses had one sister,

Her name was Miriam;

He also had a brother,

Whose name was Aaron.


As Moses led Israel,

Through the wilderness;

Miriam sinned,

She became prejudice. 


God made her a leper,

She turned white as snow. 

She was shut outside the camp,

Seven days in a row. 


Moses begged to God,

To heal his sister. 

He waited seven days,

Had a lesson to teach her. 


Moses’ wife was from,

The land of Midian. 

She had dark skin, 

She was Ethiopian.


There’s a warning here,

For each of us to learn;

From the evil of racism,

We all must turn. 






Based on Genesis 29 


Jacob journeyed east,

To the city of Haran, 

Seeking a relative,

Named Laban. 


Laban had two daughters,

Leah and Rachel. 

It was love at first sight,

Rachel was beautiful. 


Jacob told her,

He was her father’s brother,

The son of Rebekah,

She ran to tell her father.


Jacob said he’d work,

Seven years for Laban,

If he could marry Rachel,

It was worth it to him. 


The day after they married,

To Jacob’s chagrin;

He woke up with Leah,

Laban tricked him.


Jacob agreed to work,

Seven years more; 

To marry Rachel,

The one he cared for. 


Leah’s heart was torn,

She wanted him to love her. 

She became bitter and jealous,

Of her only sister.


Leah had one daughter,

And six sons;

She tormented Rachel,

Because she had none. 


Then Rachel was able,

To have her own children. 

First she had Joseph,

Then Benjamin. 


Rachel died while giving,

Birth to Benjamin. 

Jacob loved her so much,

It almost killed him. 


Leah missed her sister,

Would’ve given anything;

To have Rachel back,

The past didn’t mean a thing.


Even though Jacob,

Never loved her at all, 

God loved her,

And made her very fruitful. 




Based on Judges 4 


Deborah was a judge,

And prophetess;

In Mount Ephraim,

Wife of Lapidoth.


She dwelt under a tree,

Between Ramah and Bethel;

There she sat and judged,

All of Israel. 


She told Barak,

To go to Mount Tabor;

Take ten thousand men,

With him to the River. 


He said he wouldn’t go,

Unless she went with him;

So God delivered Sisera,

By the hands of a woman. 


They gathered for war,

With chariots of iron;

She met the army there,

At the River Kishon.


Barak pursued the chariots,

Killed all the men;

Sisera ran and hid,

In the tent of a woman. 


Jael, Heber’s wife,

Took a hammer and tent nail. 

While he was asleep,

She drove it through his temple.


God destroyed Jabin,

The King of Canaan;

Sisera and his armies,

By the hands of a woman.


Deborah  got the credit,

Barak was not honored;

Because of her faith,

Israel prospered. 






Based on Judges 16 


Samson loved Delilah,

But she was the enemy;

His lust for women,

Cost his life eventually. 


Delilah kept asking him,

Why he was so strong; 

He said he couldn’t cut his hair,

He had to keep it long. 


One night while he slept,

She called his enemies;

She cut his hair,

Betrayed him for money. 


She woke him and said:

“The Philistines are upon you”. 

He didn't have the strength,

To fight his way through. 


They paid her the money,

And gouged out his eyes; 

They mocked Israel’s hero,

But God had a surprise. 


While mocking Samson,

And making merry;

Samson’s hair grew back,

God had mercy. 



They brought him out,

To make sport of him;

He stood by two pillars,

With 3,000 men. 


He cried to the Lord:

“Remember me, I pray Thee; 

Avenge me for my eyes,

Once more, strengthen me”. 


He took hold of the pillars,

Pushed with all his might;

Killing more in his death,

Than during his life.


Delilah died that day,

She didn’t get to spend,

The money she was paid,

To betray Samson. 






Based on Genesis 3 


God made Adam and Eve,

And said: “Be fruitful and multiply”;

Gave them dominion over creatures,

And fowls that did fly. 


God told them both,

They could eat from every tree; 

But the Tree of Knowledge,

From that they’d better flee. 


God warned them both,

If they ate from it, they’d die;

Satan tempted Eve,

With the lust of the eye.


The serpent told Eve.

That she would not die,

If she ate from the tree;

She believed his lie. 


She gave some to Adam,

And he took a bite; 

Both their eyes were open,

So they hid out of sight.


They knew they were naked,

Hid themselves away;

God walked through the garden, 

In the cool of the day. 


God called unto Adam,

He asked: “Where are you?”

They both should’ve known,

God already knew.


Eve blamed the serpent,

Adam blamed his wife;

God told the serpent,

He’d eat dust all his life. 


God told Eve,

He’d greatly multiply, 

Sorrow at conception,

Until the day she’d die.


God told Adam,

Since he listened to his wife; 

In sorrow and toil,

He would eat all his life. 


God drove them from the garden,

To go till the ground;

He placed cherubim,

With flaming swords all around. 


In sweat shall man eat bread,

Until he returns to dust; 

For disobeying God;

His punishments are just. 





Based on Luke 1 and 2 


God sent Gabriel,

Down to Nazareth,

To speak to the virgin,

Engaged to Joseph. 


He said: “Thou art highly favored,

The Lord is with Thee;

Thou art blessed among women,

Fear not, Mary”. 


“You’ve found favor with God.

Behold, you shalt conceive;

You shall bring forth a Son”. 

She simply chose to believe. 


“The Son of God,

Shall the Holy Child be called”. 

With every word,

She was enthralled. 


Mary asked the angel:

“How can this be?”

He said: “The Holy Ghost will come, 

And shall overshadow thee”. 


Mary said: “Behold,

Be it unto me”. 

She could’ve doubted,

And said: “No, not me!” 


Gabriel told her:

“He shall be Great,  

The Son of the Highest;

He’ll save men from their fate. 


He’ll reign on throne,

Of David his father. 

He shall reign,

Over Jacob’s house forever”. 


She gave birth to the Child,

In  Bethlehem. 

She laid him in a manger,

Was no room at the Inn. 


The angel appeared,

To shepherds that night; 

He said: “A Savior is born,

Christ, the LORD, from on high”. 






Based on Luke 1 


Elisabeth was a daughter,

Of Moses' brother, Aaron. 

She wanted a child,

But she was barren.


The Angel of the Lord,

Appeared to Zechariah;

He was a priest,

From the course of Abia. 


Gabriel told him:

“Elisabeth shall conceive; 

You shall name him John”. 

He didn’t believe. 


Because of his doubt,

He was stricken dumb. 

He began to write about,

What the child would become. 


He said John would be great,

In the sight of the Lord.

He’ll make ready a people,

Prepared for the Lord.


From her womb,

He’ll be filled with the Holy Ghost;

The spirit of Elijah,

From the Lord of Hosts. 


Mary came to see her,

Before she gave birth. 

Elisabeth knew all about,

The Christ's Child’s worth.


Mary was comforted,

Because they believed, 

When she told them,

How the Child was conceived. 






Based on 2 Samuel 11 and 12 


Bathsheba was the wife,

Of Uriah, the Hittite;

A soldier in the army,

A brave man who did right. 


One day while on his roof,

David saw her bathing.

He began to lust greatly,

He wouldn’t stop gazing. 


He sent messengers,

To bring her to him.

They committed adultery,

Knowing it was a great sin. 


Bathsheba conceived,

So David began,

To plot Uriah’s death,

So she could marry him. 


He sent for Uriah,

And tried to make him go,

Sleep with his wife,

So no one would know. 


He refused to go home,

And sleep with his wife;

David sent him back,

With a note to take his life. 


The note said place Uriah,

Where the battle was high;

And leave him alone,

So he’d be sure to die.


David married her,

They thought they got away;

With their grievous sin,

But God sent Nathan to say: 


“Because of your sin,

Your child shall surely die. 

God will raise up evil:

In your house,

You know why”.


They both paid dearly,

For their sins;

But God had mercy,

On both of them. 


He gave them another son,

Named Solomon;

To build the Lord’s Temple,

And the Lord blessed him. 


God gave Solomon,

Peace all of his life, 

Wealth and wisdom,

Instead of strife. 






Based on Genesis 39-41 


Joseph’s jealous brothers,

Sold him into slavery.

God blessed Joseph,

For his faith and bravery. 


He was bought,

By Pharaoh’s officer, Potipher. 

His wife begged Joseph daily,

To have sex with her. 


He refused her advances,

She lied to Potipher. 

She falsely accused him,

Of trying to rape her. 


God was with Joseph,

Honored his clean hands. 

He lifted him from the pit,

To second in command. 


Pharaoh had a dream,

Only he could interpret. 

God raised Joseph,

To the palace from the pit. 


No matter what happened,

Joseph knew this much: 

God was with him,

Blessed everything he touched. 


He interpreted the dream,

Pharaoh was pleased:

He was honored greatly,

His burden was eased.


Joseph was made,

Second only to the king, 

Without his command,

They couldn’t do a thing. 


God saved His people,

Israel’s family;

He used Joseph,

And blessed him greatly.


God ordered his steps,

Though he didn’t understand,

He never doubted,

It was all divinely planned. 






Based on 1 Samuel 25 


David sent men to ask,

Nabal for food;

Nabal  refused,

His behavior was rude.


He was wicked,

And refused David’s plea;

David wanted to kill him,

He was very angry. 


Abigail heard about it,

She had her servants load;

Camels with provisions,

And off to David she rode. 


She knew David would,

Come to kill Nabal,

She ran with speed,

Prevented bloodshed for all. 


She told him that he,

Was anointed to be a great king;

She calmed his anger,

Kept him from killing.


She asked for mercy,

Called her husband a fool,

She told him that  Nabal,

Was wicked and cruel. 


After this happened,

Nabal fell and died. 

David went and took,

Abigail for his bride. 


She told David,

Before he died, Nabal: 

Sent word of his whereabouts,

To the wicked King Saul. 


She was a godly woman,

Who truly understood,

That this was a battle,

Between evil and good. 


God blessed her,

And made her the King’s wife, 

Her latter years were greater,

Than her former life. 




Based on John 11 


Mary and Martha were sisters,

Who had a brother, Lazarus.

He fell deathly ill,

So they sent for Jesus. 


When Jesus heard about,

His dear friend’s illness;

He took his sweet time,

Responding to their request. 


He waited three whole days,

Before he left to go,

To see his good friends,

Who all loved him so. 


When Jesus got to town,

They said he was too late. 

They told Him Lazarus died,

When He got to the gate. 


Martha told Jesus:

“If you came right away,

He wouldn’t have died;

He’d be alive today”. 


Jesus said your brother,

Will rise again. 

She said: “I know he will,

In the resurrection”. 


Jesus told her: “ I’m the Resurrection,

And the Life, 

He who believes in Me,

Will have eternal life”. 


Jesus wept with them,

Because He felt their gloom. 

He said: “Lazarus, come forth!”

He walked out of his tomb. 


Then Mary and Martha,

Prepared a great feast. 

They all marveled their brother,

Was no longer deceased.


They all ate together,

With a grateful heart,

Until the day that Jesus,

Had to depart. 






Based on 1 Samuel 18 and 19 


There once was a princess,

The daughter of King Saul. 

She was beautiful,

Her name was Michal. 


The King told David,

That he could marry her, 

If he killed one hundred men,

For the hand of his daughter. 


So David killed two hundred,

For the hand of Michal;

God was with him.

Saul wanted David to fall.


Saul hoped that David,

Would himself be killed,

So when he returned,

Saul was not thrilled. 


After they got married,

She helped David flee;

She led him down a window,

He escaped safely.


Saul had an evil spirit,  

He was jealous of David;

He gave her to another man,

Because of  his hatred. 


Michal overheard,

A plot to kill David,

She warned him about the plot, 

Because of King Saul’s hatred. 


When David became king,

He brought her back with him,

To live in the palace,

With his wives and children. 






Based on Acts 18.2, 18, 26; Romans 16.3, 1 Corinthians 16.19. 


There was a godly woman,

Whose name was Priscilla,

Married to a godly man,

Whose name was Aquila. 


For a living,

They made prayer shawls; 

They all worked together,

Became good friends of Paul’s. 


They held church,

Inside of their home. 

Paul stayed with them,

On his way to Rome. 


She and her husband,

Followed Paul to Syria.

She shaved Paul’s head,

While they were in Cenchrea. 


She and her husband,

Took great care of Paul,

They were his helpers,

Through it all. 


Priscilla and her husband,

Were a great encouragement,

To Paul and believers,

Everywhere they went.






Based on 1 Kings 18 – 2 Kings 9 


Ahab married an evil woman,

Whose name was Jezebel; 

To form an alliance,

With Tyre and Israel. 


She worshipped Baal,

And the goddess Asherah.

She killed the prophets,

Of the God of Israel. 


God sent Elijah,

To tell Israel to choose:

Either worship Baal,

Or the God of the Jews. 


He dared the false prophets,

To make an altar to their god,  

He said: “Who answers by fire,

Let Him alone be GOD!” 


He built an altar of stone,

Dug a trench around;

Poured barrels of water,

On the wood and ground.


The false prophets cried aloud,

Cut themselves all day;

Not a word by evening,

On their altars they lay. 


Elijah called upon,

The True and Living God of Israel; 

He cried out to his brethren,

“Let it be known Thou art God in Israel”. 


A consuming fire fell down,

From heaven all around, 

It consumed the sacrifice,

And licked the water off the ground. 


When the people saw it,

They fell on their face; 

They said: “The Lord is God”,

And pleaded for His grace.


Elijah told the men,

To take the prophets to Kishon;

Slay them all there,

Until they killed every one. 


Ahab told Jezebel,

What happened that day. 

She vowed to kill Elijah,

The exact same way. 


God destroyed her,

She wash thrown down; 

Like the prophet had spoken: 

There was nothing to bury left on the ground. 








Based on Mark 5.25 


There once was a woman,

Suffering with an issue of blood. 

For twelve long years,

Nothing could stop her flood. 


She heard Jesus was coming,

Her thoughts were filled;

She knew if she just touched Him,

She would be healed. 


In those days,

If you were considered “unclean”, 

You were not allowed in public,

Not even to be seen. 


She was a brave woman,

Though considered unclean.

It took great courage,

Repercussions foreseen. 


She thought to herself: 

If I could touch His clothes,

The hem of His garment,

I’d be healed, who knows.


She pushed her way through,

As the crowd began to grow;

When she touched His hem,

The blood stopped it’s flow. 


Jesus turned and said:

“Who touched Me?” 

She knelt down and said:

“Forgive, I pray Thee.”


He said: “Daughter,

Your faith has made thee whole.” 

She knew she was healed,

Joy and peace filled her soul. 






Based on John 4 


One day Jesus and the Disciples,

Were passing through Samaria,

Jesus sat by a well,

In an open area. 


A woman came alone,

To draw water from Jacob’s well, 

She saw a Jewish man,

As far as she could tell. 


The Rabbi spoke,

To her surprise;

She was Samaritan,

But a soul in His eyes. 


Jews had no dealings,

With the Samaritans. 

She asked Him why,

He spoke to her then. 


Jesus said: “This water will make you thirst again,

But the water I give is everlasting”. 

He told her to call her husband to come. 

She confessed to Him that she had none. 


He told her she’d been married five times. 

He was a Prophet, He knew all her crimes. 

She said: “I know Christ is coming”, He said: “I AM HE.”

She ran and told the city to come out and see. 


He stayed two days and many believed. 

Many confessed that He was CHRIST, indeed. 

God can use anyone to get His Word out. 

He can even use those who aren’t devout. 






Based on Mark 12.41-44 


There was a poor widow who went to see, 

Jesus who was teaching on the use of money. 

The rich began giving large gifts in His sight. 

He saw the poor widow put in her two mites. 


He said she gave the most, the rich got mad. 

They gave from abundance, she gave all she had.

Because she gave all, her story will be heard;

Memorialized forever in the Holy Word. 


It’s not who you are or how much you own,

It’s obedience that draws attention from His throne. 

God looks at the heart, He knows who trusts Him. 

He looks for the obedient and blesses them. 






Based on Proverbs 31 


She’s a virtuous woman,

Worth more than rubies. 

Her husband is blessed,

She honors her duties. 


She treats him good,

Every single day.

She allows no evil,

To get in her way. 


She works with her hands,

And helps her spouse. 

She provides for all,

Who live in her house. 


She rises early,

And works very hard. 

She sows, cooks,

And plants a vineyard. 


She cares for the needy,

And feeds the poor. 

To her, helping others,

Is never  a chore. 


Her family is dressed,

In silk and purple.

She treats everyone,

As if they're  royal. 


She’s never idle,

And never unkind. 

She fears the Lord,

She’s very refined. 


Her husband is known,

By her reputation. 

She should be honored,

With much celebration. 



About The Author 

I was blessed to be raised in a Christian home in the south. I was taught to love God, appreciate everything I was given, work hard, and treat others the way I wanted to be treated. I grew up in church, but like most people, I only had a “head knowledge” of Jesus. I thought I was “OK” because I went to church and carried a Bible. I had no idea how lost, self-righteous and deceived I was. He didn’t live in my heart yet. I knew John 3.16, but I didn’t have a personal relationship with him until 2004. (That’s another whole book, coming out soon).  

I knew God was real, but I only called on him during times of crisis. In His great love and mercy, He never gave up on me. I praise Him every day that He didn’t let me die in my sins. He is my EVERYTHING and I am blessed because of Him. I praise Him every day that I’m not burning in hell forever, which is what I deserve. 

If you asked if I had any special talents or gifts, I would have to say my talent is speed typing and my gifts are the gift of encouragement and discerning of spirits. I love to encourage other people. I love to meet new people and hear their testimonies. I love to share Jesus with them because I know He is the Answer to everything. 

I never knew what real LOVE was until I met Jesus. I’ve found that most people are either going through a difficult trial, or just coming out of one. Some just need a kind word or and a little encouragement. They just need to know they are not alone. They need to see that they are not the only one suffering. 

I’ve seen and experienced so many supernatural miracles in my lifetime, just simply calling on God in Jesus’ Name, and trusting that He is God. I can’t help but want to tell the world how WONDERFUL God is, and that He is Real! I just want to encourage people to KNOW HIM personally. It is written in Psalms 34.8: “O, taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in Him.” 

One day while I was praising God, the Precious Holy Spirit began to pour poems and songs. Then, He supernaturally made a way to have them published. It is my belief that He has and continues to pour these poems just for YOU, for such a time as this. It is my earnest prayer that God will use these poems to encourage YOU, give YOU hope, and point YOU to our Beloved Savior, JESUS CHRIST. I must give God all the glory for all He has done, is doing and will do. I’m so honored, blessed and humbled that the LORD has shown such grace and favor in allowing me to be a “scribe”.  I feel all of Heaven cheering us on to finish the race and obtain the prize of the High Calling we have each been given. I refuse to let the rocks out praise me!



Deborah Taylor     



 (© 2012 Deborah Taylor  – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission of Author, Deborah Taylor)