Dear Friends, 

As you can see in the above videos, Hurricane Sally was quite destructive to the Gulf Shores, Foley, and surrounding Baldwin County area. We actually live in Gulf Shores and have been without power for a week. We now have water, but I am sharing these videos and photos so that you may see what we are dealing with. I have personally been through larger hurricanes, several tornadoes, a flood and three fires, but I have never seen the destruction that this hurricane caused. I will be sharing more photos later. I have been unable to send out my Daily Light Scriptures or respond to the many emails and prayer requests due to power outage. I am asking you all to pray without ceasing for everyone affected by this destructive hurricane, especially seniors who are on oxygen and desperately need help. Please pray without ceasing for our law enforcement, first responders, utility workers, EMT's, and hospital workers, who are all working diligently around the clock. My mother's neighbor is about to run out of oxygen right now due to power outage and there are many who desperately need prayer. I can tell you that God has miraculously spared our home, and my family members, but many have not been so fortunate. We have been extremely busy trying to get ice and water to our family, friends and neighbors, and the senior centers nearby. We appreciate all of your prayers more than you know. If you would like to make a donation to help us feed and care for our elderly neighbors, please use the donate button below. For those who have already donated, may God richly bless you exceedingly, abundantly, above all that you could ask or imagine. We have been able to provide many bottles of water, packaged food, bags of ice, ice coolers, etc. We need to purchase trash bags, cleaning supplies, food, water, ice, coffee, paper products, gloves, plastic storage bins, and wagons to carry out all of the spoiled food lost to the power outage and other household items due to water damage for several senior citizens who have no other help or assistance. Places like Rescue Mission and Salvation Army are closed with much damage and are unable to assist the homeless and displaced as they normally do. There is no other help for them, and we are asking for your help. I have never asked for assistance before but this is a real calamity and there are lives literally depending on us, because they are either alone with no living family members, or they are incapacitated and unable to drive.  The need is immense. Many have already lost so much due to COVID, and have been struggling just to survive. I pray that God will put it on your heart to care for your brethren in the Gulf Coast. Sadly, many of the churches here are flooded and busy cleaning up, and are not able to help. There are so many senior complexes and senior citizens who are struggling just to survive, praying and crying out for help. 

Even though we have witnessed much destruction and lack, we have also witnessed miracle after miracle. It has been a beautiful thing to behold as neighbors have all come together to help one another. We have had many divine appointments and opportunities to share the Gospel. May God richly bless every angel unawares that we have run into. Some of the photos below are just from my own yard. As you can see, many large trees were pulled up by their roots and were thrown down by this storm, but NOT ONE TREE TOUCHED OUR HOME OR VEHICLES. GLORY TO GOD. This could have been sooooo much worse, even deadly for us, and we give God all the praise, glory, honor and thanks for His divine hedge of protection, His mercies, His grace, His provision and for His mighty angels that protected us from what could have been total destruction of our own home and even our very lives.  Billy Graham chaplains are deploying to Foley and Gulf Shores, Alabama. We are trying to coordinate with them to get help to seniors in low income housing nearby, along with our neighbors.  Invite God’s powerful presence to console those facing severe floodwaters and cleanup. Lift up the chaplains as they offer help and support (Psalm 46:1).  Ask God to comfort those grieving great loss and meet individuals’ needs in extraordinary ways, believing that He is able (2 Corinthians 1:1–7). 


Deborah Taylor 

September 18, 2020 

NOTE: Our power just came on but many are still without power. Rep. Bradley Byrne stated that it may take weeks to get power back on for everyone. Please pray for those who DESPERATELY NEED power, water, ice, food, cleanup assistance. We are working to help as many of our neighbors as possible, but we are focused on senior citizens who are greater risk. 

UPDATE: As of September 19th, 2020, there are still many without power, but the weather has cooled down to the 70's so the heat is not so unbearable. The cleanup process is happening quickly and our law enforcement, first responders and utility company are doing an amazing job. Trees and powerlines are being removed as quickly as possible, although they are down every single road and there are still many who are not out of danger due to trees and powerlines on top of their homes, etc. Many volunteers are driving around and helping people cleanup their yards. You hear the sounds of chainsaws and generators everywhere. Since my neighborhood the only one that I know who has power, our home has become a diner, a coffee shop, and we continue to assist family, friends and neighbors with cleanup, providing water, ice and food. Stores like Lowes, Walmart  have opened, with generators, along with some fast food restaurants. Street lights are being repaired as quickly as possible. God Bless all the many, wonderful volunteers who have traveled here from other towns to help their neighbors. There are some locations being set up where you can drive through the parking lot and pick up bags of ice. God is absolutely moving mightily and we are amazed at all the assistance God is sending and how quickly and smoothly the cleanup is taking place. This will be a long process but we are truly blessed and I am so very grateful to God for my wonderful family, neighbors, friends, and for every intercessor and prayer warrior. I actually feel guilty that we have power in our neighborhood, but so many do not. It breaks my heart to see so many senior citizens having to climb up on their roofs and try to tarp them by themselves because so many roofs have leaks. If you recall, we got a roof leak when Cristobal came through, and though we had to wait months for help, we finally got someone to come and put tarps and sandbags on our roof. But, as always, God knows what He is doing. If we hadn't gotten that roof leak months ago, we would not have had all of these tarps and sand bags, which we were able to bless others with before and after Sally hit! What a great and mighty God we serve, the Only True and Living God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We give Him all the praise, glory, honor and thanks. While Satan's muppets are busy killing, stealing and destroying, God is using nature, and all that He has created to WAKEUP so many. He is working mightily behind the scenes and it is glorious. Many people are back at work only as cleanup crews, and these wonderful souls are working so hard without any power. Please keep them lifted up also. It will be a while before all power is restored and everything opens back up. I have many more pictures to share and I will keep you all updated. Thank You all for your prayers! 

6PM- I have good news and bad news. The good news is that the temperature has fallen more than 20 degrees, but the bad news is that we have more rain coming, all week, on top of the flooding already caused by Sally. This may cause more trees to fall because the ground is so saturated, not to mention there is already so many areas already flooded.  Many are still without power! Storm Beta is swirling in the Gulf right now. We do NOT need any more rain for a while. Praying that you who are suffering drought will get the rain instead. Keep praying Saints! God Bless all of your prayer warriors!!! 

092020- 9AM- GREAT NEWS WARRIORS!! Franklin Graham and Samaritan's Purse has arrived in Foley, Alabama. They have a truck and a van parked in front of the local Piggly Wiggly store in Foley, Alabama. They are already setting up locations where people can pick up food and water. Power is still down for many, including all my family members. Our military has set up a pickup station at a baseball field and handing out water, ice, and MRE's for local residents. The local senior center has not been opened yet and nobody has come to check on the seniors at the complex located on the same street as their center, but I'm sure they are all busy doing their own personal cleanup. My mother told me this morning that a woman knocked on her door from a local church and gave her some ice, water, a cup of coffee and a breakfast sandwich. Their volunteers brought everyone an egg sandwich. This same woman told my mother that their church members were coming back this evening to bring everyone a hot meal. My mother told this woman about our ministry and I will be meeting with her this afternoon. She told her that they want to have a prayer meeting with all intercessors at their church. God is moving mightily and we continue to witness His mighty hand at work in the lives of everyone around us. I am going now to try to find someone from Samaritan's purse and to see if there are any volunteers available to come to the senior complex where my mother and many others need assistance cleaning up, along with food, water, and ice, etc. Some family members are on the way now to the ball park where the military is giving out MRE's, water and ice. My husband has gone to check on the seniors in Spanish Fort, Alabama, which is right on the Mobile bay. There are a lot of trees there and I am sure that place is a mess. Please keep Robert lifted up as he checks on the seniors there. We cannot get ahold of any of our friends and do not know if they have power yet. I was told by a family member that only lives a few blocks away that they heard their power will not be on for at least another week. I will continue to open my home to anyone who wants to use our power to cook food, make coffee, and cool off. We are still the only neighborhood that I am aware of that has power. 

092220, 7PM CST, I hosted our TRUMPET TUESDAY prayer conference call and it lasted almost three hours. This call will forever be one of the most precious prayer conference calls ever, and I appreciate everyone's powerful and anointed prayers. I am letting everyone know that we are all praying for them, and they are greatly encouraged. Many are discouraged because they feel they have been forgotten. May God richly bless the volunteers from that church that showed up this morning. I do not know the name of the church yet but I am on my way to meet them and will keep you updated. KEEP PRAYING SAINTS! GOD IS HEARING AND HE IS ANSWERING MIGHTILY. 

09220-WHAT A SUPERNATURAL DAY!! The LORD sent help from His Sanctuary, and we were able to give hot meals to everyone at a local senior center. They are still without power but the temperature has dropped 20 degrees so for now the temperature is bearable. Last week it was extremely hot, in the high 90's. We are still praying for more help because there are sooooo many who are stuck at home and hungry, and though some fast food restaurants have opened, they do not have a vehicle or cannot afford to purchase any food. Please pray for those who have lost everything. I met one lady who is forced to live in her van now because she lost everything. My sister is helping her family get clothing, food, etc. It is heartbreaking to see how many wonderful, godly people are struggling due to circumstances beyond their control. God bless each and every one of you for your prayers. Everyone weeps when I tell them that prayer warriors around the globe are praying for them. We are getting some wind from tropical storm Teddy that is headed to Texas, so please keep Texas and the surrounding areas in prayer also. We are not out of danger. There are many trees down, and they must be removed before the utility workers can repair the power lines, which is why it may take at least another week or more before power will be back on for everyone. God Bless You! 

092320- I just got home, a little exhausted, and my doorbell rang. There was this precious little boy, about 7 years old, with a ziplock bag of cookies in one hand, and a bag of Doritos in his other hand, and he lifted them up and asked: ARE YOU HUNGRY? DO YOU WANT SOME FOOD? He had an angelic smile on his face, he was so precious! I thanked him and told him that we had food, and as I was suggesting that he go to the neighbor's home next door to ask her, his little brother and sister came running up behind him. They were so precious! They each had cookies in chips in their hands. They asked if they could help us clean up our yard. He saw some large branches on the ground and he so desperately wanted to go pick those branches up and help. Those branches weighed more than all three children together, and I told him that my husband was going to clean them up. He looked so disappointed. They walked around and looked at the giant trees laying on the ground and the huge roots sticking up and their eyes got so big. All they could say was WOW, WOW, WOW. I began to share with them what a MIRACLE it was that those trees did not fall on our home, that God's angels pushed them back away from our home. I wanted these precious angels to know that God is real and His angels are real and He protects us. Their little eyes just lit up and they just wanted to hang out and talk. I asked them where they lived and they told me they lived around the corner from our home. The oldest boy said that they have an older brother who could come and help us with the fence and the mess left from the hurricane. I sent them on their way and thanked them. God always knows just what you need when you need it, and I just needed those three precious angels to come by and bless my socks off. God bless their parents for raising such precious, thoughtful children that only wanted to help their neighbors! 

100520- Volunteers are still bringing food and supplies to homes in low income areas, senior communities, etc. More trucks are arriving daily to cleanup the trees and debris but this is going to take a very long time because there is debris everywhere. They have done a fantastic job clearing the highways and back streets. The traffic lights are back on and most businesses have been open for a week or more now. However, we have more storms headed our way. PLEASE KEEP EVERYONE IN PRAYER AS WE HAVE MORE STORMS COMING. PLEASE WATCH THE WEATHER STATION AS THERE IS MUCH GOING ON IN THE GULF COAST. 

100620- URGENT PRAYER REQUESTED: We have received a Mandatory Evacuation Order by Governor Kay Ivey in Alabama, effective 100720 at 7am for Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, Dauphin Island, Fort Morgan, and Ono Island. The most recent forecast is that Hurricane Delta will be making landfall around 2pm Friday, as a Category 4 hurricane. Please continue to cover everyone in prayer who are the path of this storm, especially our leaders, the National Guard, law enforcement, First responders, utility workers, EMTS, volunteers and Samaritan's Purse, who has been here since Hurricane Sally made landfall just a few weeks ago. Please pray for the poor, needy, homeless, seniors, handicapped, those who are alone, without family, who need assistance, shelter and immediate care. Please pray for safety, protection, traveling mercies, and angelic protection over all. Please pray that this storm will decrease in size and will be impotent instead of destructive. I will keep you updated here as often as I can. God Bless You all and thank you for your much appreciated prayers!

100720- We decided to wait and see exactly where this storm was headed and it appears to be moving further West, towards the Texas and Louisiana border. We will continue to pray without ceasing for our brothers and sisters who will be affected by this Category 3 storm, for all first responders, law enforcement, utility workers, volunteers, every man, woman and child. 

100820-Please join us in praying without ceasing for all who are in the path of this storm. Louisiana was just hit by a Category 3 storm recently and the last thing they need is another Category 2-3 storm. 

100920- Hurricane Delta has not made landfall yet, but it is a Category 2 storm and is projected to make landfall this evening. Praying without ceasing for everyone who has been or will be affected by these storms, especially all first responders, law enforcement, EMT, utility workers, and volunteers. The greatest threat to Alabama is possible tornados. Baton Rouge, Louisiana is having some flooding as of 4.00pm. They had a lot of rain last night. We are binding all weather demons and tornadoes. NOTE: Most deaths from Hurricane Laura were from carbon monoxide poisoning by using generators in their homes! ALWAYS KEEP YOUR GENERATORS AWAY FROM YOUR HOME, IN A LOCATION THAT IS WELL VENTILATED!! There are already approximately 33,000 without power. Baumont has gusts 39-51 gust winds. 


102720-We are continuing to clean up the fallen trees and debris around us, which is why my last post was 100920. We continue to witness miracles, and there are still many volunteers bringing food, water, etc. to the senior centers and to each community. God Bless our law enforcement and all first responders for continuing to bless our community with food, water, etc. There are still many without power, and many who are still waiting on assistance for helping to clean up fallen trees, replace fences, to repairing leaking roofs, etc.

Now, Tropical Storm Zeta will be making landfall as a strong CAT 2 on Wednesday, 102820. This storm looks to be making landfall near the S.E. part of New Orleans, but of course that could change at the last minute, as Sally did. Please continue to keep everyone covered in prayer with the Blood of Jesus, especially all those in LA who have already lost their homes and everything from Hurricane Delta. We appreciate your prayers more than you know. God Bless You!! 










There are soooo many who need prayer, so many who have lost their homes. I met one lady who lost everything who is sleeping in her van with her children, and another lady who lost her home due to flooding and tree damage, and she is staying at a friend's home. My sister told me about a co-worker who told her he came home from work yesterday and found his wife unconscious on the floor, and that she is in the ICU. There are so many people hurting, struggling, and even though they are in shock and traumatized, many of these precious souls are at work or out volunteering to help their neighbors. We will be lifting them all up on our prayer call tonite, and also praying for our President. A brother texted me today to tell me that IRAN has threatened to kill our President, but I am not worried, because no demon from hell can touch God's anointed!! Please pray that the leaders of the Body of Christ will WAKE UP and look around and help the brethren everywhere who are hurting. I am hearing such negative things about pastors and churches right now, because very few are stepping up to help those in need, but most only seem to care about themselves. I believe this is a WAKE UP CALL from God to wake up the Body, and if they do not WAKE UP and stop thinking of themselves only, but begin to care about the brethren, and begin to pray for God's children, and get to work, then things will get a lot worse! IT IS THE CHURCH THAT NEEDS REVIVAL. TALK IS CHEAP. If you are reading this and you call yourself a Pastor or even a Christian, and you could care less about what others are going through, because it does not affect you personally, then I pity you. You had better check your salvation. I know many so called Pastors and Christians personally, who were not affected by the hurricane, whom I haven't even seen or heard from. They didn't even bother to call and see if we were OK.  I choose to be like Job, and pray for their pitiful souls! 

 092420- I just took my mother home, after fixing her breakfast and making her and her neighbors some coffee, because their power is off. All of a sudden the Fire Department and the Police Department showed up with MRE's, Ice, water, cold sprite and soda, and tons of hot food. GOD BLESS EACH AND EVERY MEMBER OF OUR WONDERFUL LAW ENFORCEMENT AND FIRST RESPONDERS! THEY ARE TRUE AMERICAN HEROS AND THEY MUST BE HONORED, RESPECTED, AND PRAYED FOR!! Then, a utility truck stopped to tell her that they are working on their area now and that they would have their power on as soon as possible. There are still many trees and poles down, but they are cleaning everything up and removing debree as quickly as possible. GOD BLESS OUR LAW ENFORCEMENT AND FIREMEN!! These seniors desperately needed their visit today!! IT WAS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL BLESSING!! I just want all of our law enforcement officers, firemen, and all first responders to know how much we love, honor, respect, appreciate you ALL and how we pray without ceasing for you and your loved ones everywhere! I also praise God for our PROUD ALABAMA BOYS who don't take any crap from these thugs, but are locked and loaded, and will die protecting their loved ones and their neighbors! We LOVE OUR GUNS here in Alabama and we ain't afraid to use them. We grew up learning to shoot in the woods at anything that moved since we were old enough to carry a rifle. I was weened with guns! 

Let me just stop here and say something about all of this murder and assassination of our law enforcement. All of these murders are being committed by brainwashed, demon possessed terrorists and paid anarchists, who have been brainwashed by the corrupt, treasonous, racist, Baal worshiping Obamacrats and their Jihadi Jezebel Lying Whores. PLEASE EDUCATE YOURSELVES ON THIS PRINCIPALITY KNOWN AS JEZEBEL. See my EXPOSING JEZEBEL page! Jezebel is Satan's Lying Whore that only comes to deceive souls and turn them away from God and all that is good. I also will say this to all of those evil wolves in shepherd's clothing, and false prophets of Baal: YOU ARE EXPOSED FOR YOUR RACISM, LIES, BAAL WORSHIP, AND EVIL DEEDS, AND GOD IS ABOUT TO DEAL WITH EACH ONE OF YOU! REPENT OR PERISH! HE WILL FILL YOUR FACES WITH SHAME AND YOU WILL BOW YOUR KNEES AND CONFESS THAT JESUS CHRIST IS KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS TO THE GLORY OF THE FATHER BEFORE YOU ARE CAST INTO HELL FOR ALL THE BLOOD ON YOUR EVIL HANDS! I've got work to do so I'm gonna stop right there, but the BODY OF CHRIST BETTER WAKE UP and STOP DRINKING JEZEBEL'S PUTRID KOOL-AID!! Turn off the FAKE NEWS LIARS aka Jezebel's Eunuchs, who are nothing more than paid whores who spew her lies and abominations to deceive the ignorant masses! GET OFF OF FACEBOOK AND GET YOUR FACE IN GOD'S BOOK, AND GET ON YOUR KNEES AND PRAY FOR YOUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS EVERYWHERE, WHO DESPERATELY NEED MIRACLES AND NEED MUCH PRAYER!!! 

092420-I had the honor and the privilege to meet with several of the Chaplains at several locations where Samaritans Purse and Billy Graham's Chaplain Response units have been set up in several locations in town. They are truly a gift from God but are only as good as the wonderful souls who connect and volunteer for the work that is greatly needed in the ravaged areas. I saw much more damage today as I traveled around to seek who needed assistance. I also met a precious woman who has lost everything in her home and is living in her van with her precious children. She shared with me that her senior parents had been robbed, tied up and beaten, as thugs had robbed them blind. She told me that she was busy working here and trying to get back on her feet, so she did not get the call from her parents until after the fact. As if this precious woman didn't have enough to worry about, she was extremely distraught at the evil thugs who are taking advantage of seniors citizens and those who are already struggling. Praise God they were beaten but not destroyed, but the immense toll all of this trauma has endured has caused extreme stress, anxiety, and has affected her mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and is trying to destroy her. Please keep Sister Penny and her loved ones lifted up. She shared that her parents live in the state of Ohio, near the Amish, and that they too are being robbed, attacked, looted and are in extreme danger, causing the Amish to come out in record numbers to support POTUS Donald J. Trump. They are not ignorant of Satans devices and they are locking and loading in order to protect the lives of their loved ones, their properties, and their possessions. It's like a horrible movie, but evil does exist everywhere. 


092520- It is pouring again and we are under tornado watches. There is still no power in most places. We are under severe thunderstorm warnings today and the last thing we need is more rain and flooding. There are still some homes and businesses that are in danger due to trees leaning or on top of their roofs. Yesterday I saw a concrete bench that had been moved and thrown across the street by a tornado. There are still many power lines, fences and trees down. These storms are causing more delay in cleanup efforts and will cause power outages to continue. Some who got their power back have lost it again. They are working as hard and fast as they can to get everyone's power off. As noted below, Samaritan's Purse is here now and is asking for volunteers to assist with the cleanup efforts. Please continue to keep everyone in prayer, especially all first responders, law enforcement and utility workers. God Bless You all! 

As I was out dropping off boxes of food and drinks today I saw hundreds of trucks from Texas and as far away as Oklahoma and even California. Praise God for sending re-inforcements and God bless every soul who is working diligently around the clock to protect, serve, clean up, feed the hungry, and get power back on. We had several areas that got flooded this morning, but after praying, the rain stopped, the sun came out, and the rest of the day was beautiful but toasty. Praying this heat won't be too much for those who have already been out of power for almost two weeks. We have enjoyed some cooler weather since the day after the hurricane made landfall. There are many tree cutting trucks coming from all over to assist in the clean up and we are all very grateful. It really could have been so much worse, but it has been extremely difficult for senior citizens to go so long without power, who have health issues and are on oxygen, etc. Please keep everyone lifted up, as this will take some time to get back to normal. 

GLORY TO GOD!! The power is back on in the senior citizen's complex and surrounding areas. We will continue to make sure that our neighbors have plenty of food since they had to throw everything away after being without power for almost two weeks. I am so very grateful to President Trump, Kay Ivey, our law enforcement, first responders, utility workers and all volunteers. I am especially grateful to our military for providing boxes of MRE meals for everyone who was without food, along with bottles of water, and bags of ice. I am eternally grateful to Samaritan's Purse and Billy Graham's chaplains who were on hand to train chaplains and volunteers to minister and to provide clean up in our area. I especially want to say GOD BLESS YOU to the local Rescue Mission for feeding, clothing and finding shelter for the poor, needy, and homeless. The staff at the Rescue Mission are what the true church should be! The staff of the Foley Rescue Mission immediately went to work cleaning up the damage from the hurricane, so that they could open as quickly as possible to assist those in need. I met some of the employees, some who lost their own homes due to the hurricane, but still came to work with a smile and an encouraging word to those who came in for clothing, food and shelter. PLEASE DONATE TO THE FOLEY RESCUE MISSION if you are able, because they do an incredible job clothing, feeding and finding shelter for those in desperate need! They are my new heros! They are the most amazing group of people I have ever met. I will never forget all the miracles I have witnessed every single day during this calamity, and the most beautiful thing I have ever witnessed was how neighbors, who had their own disasters to clean up, dropped everything and assisted their neighbors first. I have never witnessed anything like it, and it made me even more thankful to God for moving us to where He did last year for such a time as this. I am so very blessed to have such wonderful, caring, compassionate, hard working, selfless neighbors. It has been a real privilege to meet so many wonderful chaplains, neighbors, first responders, and everyone in our community, and I give God all the glory. I am also eternally grateful to everyone for their prayers, texts, emails, encouraging words, and love for the brethren. 

092620- I woke up to blue skies, cooler temperature, and it is a beautiful, miraculous day. I cannot express my thankfulness to God for His mighty hand of protection, His great provision, the countless miracles we have all witnessed, and I am so proud of my neighbors, our military, law enforcement, utility workers, all volunteers, and the angels unawares who showed up to feed the hungry, comfort the lonely, encourage the downhearted, and clothe the poor and needy. I especially want to THANK POTUS TRUMP, Kay Ivey, and everyone at Samaritan's Purse, for responding immediately. May God richly bless every single chaplain, and volunteer that came to assist with cleanup, remove fallen trees and debris, feed everyone, and of course all first responders, law enforcement, utility workers, and every man, woman and child who went door to door bringing food and good cheer to all. I especially want to thank my brothers and sisters for their intercessory prayers and those who selflessly supported us so that we could provide water, food, ice, flashlights, batteries, food containers, trash bags, cleaning supplies, personal hygiene items, paper products, cups, napkins, plastic silverware, tarps, sandbags, etc.  I will never forget your generosity and those who were blessed because of your generosity know your names and will be keeping you all lifted up in their daily prayers! This has been the most supernatural, amazing, miraculous event of our lifetime. Like I've said, I've been through storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and fires, but this hurricane event was the most supernatural, amazing, miraculous event I have ever witnessed. I've seen thousands of trees and power lines down, but only very few homes damaged by the floods or by fallen trees. I am still stuck in awe at how God miraculously protected our lives, our home, our property and our loved ones. The power is on now for everyone I know, but they are still working around the clock to finish the job. God bless everyone who came from out of town to assist in the cleanup and getting power back on for everyone. It kinda feels like Christmas season, when everyone is nicer, kinder, more friendly, grateful, more caring, patient, and more giving. It's a shame people aren't that way all year long, but I have seen a change in everyone around me. There is no racism here. There is no anarchy here. There is no hatred here. There is only love for our neighbors and love for strangers. I am so blessed to live here and I am so thankful to God for all that He has done, is doing and continues to do. All the evil you see taking place in other states is because of the wicked leadership in those states, who have bought and paid for terrorists and trained anarchists, because they are of their father, the devil, who only comes to kill, steal and destroy. 

092620- A law enforcement officer brought hot dogs, buns, chips, sodas, ice, and water. My mother said food came four separate times by four separate angels unawares. 

092620- Some angel unawares from the fire department came for a wellness check and they brought food, BBQ sandwiches, rice, beans, large rolls, ice and water. 

092720- An angel unawares brought my mother and everyone at the senior complex two chicken enchaladas, 2 bags of BBQ chips, a breakfast bar, and a cream cookie, and more water. 

092820- This morning an angel unawares brought everyone a box of laundry detergent, toilet paper, paper towels, hand cleaner. Someone else brought peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, chips and candy bars, breakfast snack bars. 

093020- The trucks are coming in from all over the country to remove debris, tree limbs, etc. I have never seen anything like it. They are coming from Utah, Ohio, Arizona, and even as far from California. God bless every single volunteer and everyone who has come to help with the cleanup from Sally. I am truly stuck in awe at how our community has come together. Every race, color, and religious background is working together to assist their neighbors in tarping roofs, cutting downed trees, debris removal, cleanup, feeding their neighbors, and checking on their neighbors. I have met many neighbors and others in my community that I would have never met if this hurricane had not happened, and I would have never had such divine appointments. It has truly been miraculous. I have never seen help come so quickly and I have been through many hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and fires. I am eternally grateful to God for exalting Donald Trump as POTUS for such a time as this, because I will never forget how the past administrations didn't care at all, sent no help, and many were without power and water and food for months!!! We got our power back on in less than a week, some took two weeks. I am also eternally grateful to all of our law enforcement, firemen, utility workers, volunteers and all who immediately came to check on the seniors and made sure that they had food, water, and everything they needed as they waited on their power to be restored. GLORY TO GOD!! 

It is written in Proverbs 29.2: When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn. My state is proof of this proverb. This is why I believe it is of utmost importance that every soul with a pulse must get out and vote in this upcoming election, in person, and vote to remove every single godless, corrupt, treasonous, Baal worshiping, anarchist training, terrorist supporting, antisemitic, race baiting, godless Obamacrat and Jihadi Jezebel. As for me and my house, we shall serve the LORD, the creator of heaven and earth. We will never bow to Baal, we will never submit and we will never surrender. God has truly blessed America by exalting Donald J. Trump as POTUS, Melania as FLOTUS, and Mike Pence as VP, for such a time as this. I know for a fact that if Trump was not in charge, we would still be sitting in the dark in Alabama. I have never seen help come so quickly from all over. God Bless President Trump and First Lady Melania for all that they have done, and for sacrificing their billionaire lifestlyes for we the people. He understands, unlike most who claim to be Christian, that America is in the worst danger ever, of being destroyed from within by wicked, corrupt, treasonous, greedy, Baal worshipers and Communists. He has done everything he can to get the Body of Christ off their shoulders and on their knees, and he has not been ashamed of the name of Christ. We will continue to pray without seeking for salvation for the lost, for God to remove the scales from the eyes of the leaders of the Body of Christ, and for Damascus Road conversions. IT IS TIME TO MAKE AMERICA GODLY AGAIN, AND THAT WILL ONLY HAPPEN IF GOD HAS MERCY AND TRUMP IS RE-ELECTED. I believe that he will win by a Biblical Tsunami that will crush the wicked one and his minions aka the Obamacrat party of terrorism, lawlessness, wickedness, corruption, treason, lies, robbery, death, deception and destruction. I DECLARE AND DECREE, AGAIN, THAT HAMAN WILL HANG ON THE GALLOWS HE BUILT FOR MORDECAI AND JEZEBEL WILL BE THROWN DOWN NEVER TO RISE AGAIN! GLORY TO GOD! 


Samaritan's Purse and Franklin Graham's Ministry, and pray for many to join his ministry in DC on 092620 as they fast and pray for the nation. 

All law enforcement and their loved ones. 

All VETS and military at home and abroad, especially those in harm's way, and their loved ones. 

All First Responders and their loved ones. 

All physicians and health care providers. 

All utility workers, volunteers, and their loved ones. 

All chaplains, missionaries, shepherds, priests, and the persecuted everywhere, especially John MacArthur and those being persecuted right here in the USA! 

Our POTUS, FLOTUS, First Family, VP, AG, Tom Fitton, Jay Sekulow, and all who are working diligently to expose the wicked and bring them to justice. 

All who are grieving the loss of a loved one, the loss of their homes and possessions due to anarchy, terrorism, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, storms, and for the homeless, the poor, the hungry, and the needy everywhere. 

The children everywhere, especially those who have been kidnapped, abused, assaulted, etc. 

The sick, afflicted, infected, diseased, lonely, exhausted, depressed, oppressed, confused, desperate, and those despairing of life. 

For an election without fraud and abuse. 

For those suffering because of wicked leadership who have incited violence, anarchy, lawlessness, destruction, corruption, wickedness and terrorism. 

Pray without ceasing for revival, for Damascus Road conversions, and for godly leadership to be exalted, for the wicked to continue to be exposed and dethroned, and for America to be Godly again. 


Deborah Taylor