The Importance of Prayer


When my husband and I were just dating, the first gift he bought me was a book called LET US PRAY by Watchman Nee. The following was taken from 

Watchman Nee — A Seer of the Divine Revelation 

Watchman Nee became a Christian in mainland China in 1920 at the age of seventeen and began writing in the same year. Throughout the nearly thirty years of his ministry, Watchman Nee was clearly manifested as a unique gift from the Lord to His Body for His move in this age. In 1952 he was imprisoned for his faith; he remained in prison until his death in 1972. His words remain an abundant source of spiritual revelation and supply to Christians throughout the world."Christ is the Son of God who died for the redemption of sinners and resurrected after three days. This is the greatest truth in the universe. I die because of my belief in Christ." 

It was one of the best books I have ever read, along with all of Watchman Nee's books. I will forever be grateful to my husband for buying this book for me, as I had never heard of Watchman Nee before.  

In his book, LET US PRAY, he stated that: "Prayer in sympathy with God is more vital than any other thing! Prayer with joined wills is real prayer. The highest motive of prayer is not in having it answered. It is to join man's will with God's so that He may be able to work. Sometimes we may ask incorrectly and thus our prayer goes unanswered; yet if our will is joined with God's, He will still gain, for through our sympathy He is still able to work out His will. In view of this, let us see that we are unable to pray as fellow-workers of God unless we really know what His will is. Hence, our most important work is to prepare the way of the LORD." 

What wisdom. Watchman Nee wrote most of his books in prison, just like the Apostle Paul. He was imprisoned for his faith, just like the Apostle Paul. Watchman Nee was such a gift to the Body of Christ, it is so sad that so many have never heard of him before. I highly recommend all of Watchman Nee's books, especially LET US PRAY. I still read it often as a reminder of how to pray.  

It is my prayer that God will raise up an Army of Mighty Prayer Warriors, united in prayer, with the mind of Christ, to destroy all opposition by men and the devil. I pray that God will join our will with His Will. Amen. 


Deborah Taylor  

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I highly recommend this book, along with all of Watchman Nee's books. He was a Living Testimony and a great Apostle, like Paul.

I highly recommend this book, along with all of Watchman Nee's books. He was a Living Testimony and a great Apostle, like Paul.