NAOMI'S HOUSE...A Mandate from the LORD


Long before the day the Holy Ghost birthed this ministry, it has been a vision of ours to purchase land and build safe housing for at risk women and children who have been abandoned, widowed and left destitute. We have been contacted by countless women who have either been abandoned, or have lost their husbands due to illness, and have been left homeless and destitute, many with small children. These women have nowhere else to go, and even most churches turn them away. Many are living in their own vehicles or even on the streets, along with their children. Most of them have no living family members or any place to turn for shelter. They have lost their jobs, their homes and many have lost their vehicles. We have prayed and asked the LORD to provide supernaturally so that we can purchase land and build shelters for these women. It is our desire to give them a safe place to live, off of the streets, and to assist them in every area possible: ministering to the "whole man" -providing shelter, helping them through the grief process, training and assisting them in preparing to re-enter the job market, and even providing transportation for them to get back and forth to their new jobs. It is our desire to assist in healing the whole person and help them get saved, delivered and healed to become the self-sufficient mighty women of valor that God created them to be. We have many volunteers in different areas who are willing to offer their time and resources. Where the LORD gives you vision, He gives provision. GLORY TO THE MOST HIGH!This is a MONUMENTAL undertaking, but we believe that where there is a vision, God will supply the provision. 

We have been divinely connected with many wonderful individuals and ministries who have offered to assist in any way possible to see this much needed vision come to pass, but we cannot do this alone. We are praying that anyone who has a heart to see this vision become a reality will contact us, assist us, support us, whether financially, or just prayerfully. This is a HUGE undertaking, but we know that God will provide because this was His idea.  It is our desire to see at least one Naomi's House in every city in America. Recently, while in prayer, I was led to ask for MORE, so I asked the LORD to help us also build OBED'S HOME, which will be orphanages for abandoned, homeless children in each city. It is our dream that no child will be homeless or hungry or naked or alone in our nation! ONLY GOD. I also heard the Spirit say YOU ARE GOING TO BUILD LEAH'S HOUSE. Praise the LORD! LEAH's HOUSE will be for runaways, abused teens, and women who have been rescued from sex trafficking. We have made a vow to God that we will spend the rest of our days caring for the lonely, destitute, impoverished, homeless, bereaved, abused, oppressed, tormented souls and we will love them and show them how much God loves them, and how valuable they are in God's eyes. We want them to know their true identity and help them to find their true calling, because we know that God has wonderful plans for every soul He has placed on this earth. We vow to love each of them as if they were our own mothers, sisters and children. This is IMPOSSIBLE in the natural, but the impossible is our new possible and the supernatural is our new natural. There is no way that I could ever dream or imagine these homes being built, stocked, staffed and supplied, but I know that when the Father gives you a vision, He gives you the provision. I see it DONE in Jesus' Name and to God be all the glory, honor and praise!

If you are interested in assisting us in making this a reality, we ask that you donate towards this end.  If the LORD puts it on your heart to help us fulfill this mandate, please make a donation below. We will update you every step of the way. We have already located properties in the area which would be perfect for building these safe homes, and we believe that God will make a way where there seems to be no way. There is one local shelter for women and children, but it is only for the abused and they are only allowed to stay there for a short time. May God richly bless you for caring about these abandoned, destitute, homeless, women and children who have no other place to go, and for enabling us to assist them in getting back on their feet so they can become self sufficient and LIVE AGAIN. 

Thank You for investing in the lives of these precious daughters and children of the Most High God who need our help. 


Deborah Taylor

If you are in need of a place of safety and shelter, please contact us and we will assist you in finding temporary shelter. If you would like information regarding how to volunteer for NAOMI'S HOUSE, please complete the form below. If you would like to donate to NAOMI'S HOUSE or OBED'S HOUSE, please use the donate button below. (Be sure to specify where you would like the funds to be used).

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