It is written in 2 Chronicles 7.14: If My people, who are called by My Name, will humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face; then I will hear from heaven, and forgive their sins, and heal their land. Please join us in praying without ceasing for our President, our Vice President, his cabinet members, our leaders, our military, our law enforcement, our first responders, our state, our cities, our counties, our towns, our territories, our nation, and for the peace of Jerusalem.  We have been asked to begin a PRAYER CONFERENCE CALL FOR THE BEAUTIFUL STATE OF ALABAMA, my HOME SWEET HOME, and we appreciate everyone who has graciously offered to stand in agreement with us and pray without ceasing, 24/7/365,  as we lift up our great state. As it was in the days of Noah, so it is today. Pray for salvation for every man, woman, and child. Pray for His Shepherds, Prophets, Priests, Missionaries, the Persecuted, and the Brethren everywhere. May the Father richly bless all of His Intercessors, Prayer Warriors, and Watchmen on the wall. Please join us in praying without ceasing! 


Deborah Taylor 


Please JOIN US Thursday evenings at 7 pm CST for this urgently needed Prayer Call 

   as we plead the Blood of Jesus over the

State of Alabama,

Our government leaders, Alabama Law Enforcement and the citizens of the state.


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ISAIAH 62.6-7



Dear Friend, 

Welcome to the second and final week of the House's district work period.  I'll be hosting two town halls this afternoon in Jackson and Monroeville and hope to see many of you there. 

With all the attention in Washington last week on the Democrats' impeachment crusade, you may have missed some major wins back in our district.  State unemployment reached a new historic low of 3.5 percent.  NOAA filed a new proposed rule to make state-management of our red snapper fishery permanent.  The Port of Mobile took a significant step forward towards further expansion.  Nationwide, the new Medicare wage index rule went into effect, meaning millions more for Alabama's hospitals.  And the Trump Administration rejected tariffs that the World Trade Organization had approved that would have significantly impacted Airbus Mobile's operations. 

Washington might be more focused on impeaching President Trump than working on issues Alabamians care about, but I have not stopped fighting to defend our President and the interests of the people I represent.  I'll always put the people, not politics, first. 

The Consequences of Impeachment 

In the summer of 1973, as a student intern in Washington far from my home in Mobile, I got a firsthand view as the Senate held its Watergate hearings.  For a young person, it was an amazing introduction to politics, and I was fascinated by what I saw. 

I followed the subsequent impeachment proceedings in 1974 carefully.  Unfortunately, as the facts came out, it was clear President Nixon couldn’t continue in office. 

During the Clinton impeachment drama, I was a busy father, attorney, and part time state school board member.  I could not pay as close attention, but I still watched everything unfold with great interest. 

Clinton was, and is, a perjurer and abused his office by having sexual relations with a young intern – literally in his office in the White House. 

Even so, I worried that the Republicans were overreaching with impeachment, and the voters told us we were. 

After the House impeached Clinton and he was acquitted by the Senate, Republicans lost seats in the House, and Newt Gingrich was forced to resign as Speaker. 

Fast forward to November 2016 and Donald Trump’s election as President. 

Since Day 1 of his Presidency, factions in our nation have called Donald Trump an illegitimate president.  Many Democrats in elected office have publicly called for his impeachment for over two and a half years. 

They’ve tried almost every trick in the book to manufacture something worthy of the “high crimes and misdemeanors” our Constitution requires for impeachment. 

Look no further than Adam Schiff’s recent statement before the House Intelligence Committee.  Schiff used his position as chairman of the committee to describe to a captive American audience a completely fabricated phone conversation between President Trump and the President of Ukraine. 

This is the same Adam Schiff who spent months on cable news networks promising some vague bombshell in the Mueller Report.  By now, all his credibility is in shambles. 

I was proud to cosponsor a resolution to condemn and censure Schiff for his blatant attempt to mislead the public through lies and deception. 

The American people deserve better. 

The Ukrainian deal is just the latest impeachment flavor of the week after earlier attempts fell flat. 

As with all the manufactured scandals from Russia to Justice Kavanaugh, Schiff and his allies in the national news media do not give the full truth in order to keep scandal in the headlines. 

With regards to the President’s phone call to President Zelensky of Ukraine, the Department of Justice reviewed all the evidence in August, found no evidence of a federal crime, and closed their case.  What do Democrats in the House think they will find that our nation’s criminal division could not? 

The national news media won’t tell you that because it weakens the impeachment narrative.  They are complicit with efforts to impeach at all cost. 

We must stand up during tough times like these. 

This process we are following now is unprecedented, bad for the country, and, ultimately for the Democrats, bad politics.  The substantive basis for the present line of the impeachment “inquiry” is ludicrous. 

Today, I have a much closer seat for impeachment than I did as a student in 1973.  I have followed it as closely as anyone. 

Next year, voters will have the opportunity to repudiate the Democrats for their baseless impeachment efforts.  Speaker Pelosi, Schiff, the Squad and other Democrats would be wise to pay attention to history. 

If not, and Democrats continue their impeachment crusade, Speaker Pelosi might be looking for another job as President Trump is sworn in for his second term. 

Byrne Supports Censure of Adam Schiff 

Last week, I joined a resolution to condemn and censure Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) for his attempt during last week’s House Intelligence Committee hearing to mislead the public with a false retelling of a conversation between President Trump and Ukrainian President Zelensky.  His imagined conversation is clearly and entirely contradicted by the transcript of the call – the same transcript House Democrats did not wait to receive before launching their phony impeachment efforts.  Schiff’s scheme to mislead the American people through lies and deception is just a further example of why this whole impeachment charade is a sham.  The American people are sick of this political posturing, and the House should do all in its power to protect what integrity remains of this institution by formally condemning his behavior and ending this politically-motivated impeachment inquiry.  You can read more here. 

Byrne on Tariff Decision: Massive Win for Alabama Workers 

The Trump Administration has announced that tariffs will not be imposed on component parts imported to Airbus Mobile’s facilities. This is a massive win for the thousands of Alabama workers connected to Airbus Mobile. I thank President Trump for joining me in always fighting for America first. Today's decision is a major win for the citizens of Alabama and our country, and I thank Senator Shelby, Governor Ivey, Mayor Stimpson and others who joined me in working with the Administration on this issue. 


What's Ahead 

Impeachment will remain front and center for the foreseeable future.  Congress must still pass a spending bill by November 21, but important issues like that, resolving our border crisis, and reducing the cost of healthcare will take a backseat to the Democrats' impeachment push.  I will continue fighting hard against impeachment and calling for the House to address issues Americans really care about. 

As always, if you need help with a federal agency or have questions about anything under debate in Washington, please contact my office. You can call my Mobile office at 251-690-2811 or you can click here to send me an email directly. I also invite you to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to get up-to-the-minute updates. At the end of the day, my staff and I are here to serve you! 

Stay in touch, 

Congressman Bradley Byrne



Dear Friend, 

Congress is finally back in session this week!  After a long recess, I am glad to be resuming my Congressional duties in Washington.  It was good to see so many of you across the district.  And I am glad I was able to visit Israel to meet with Israeli leaders and reinforce the American commitment to our important alliance.  Below is a snapshot of some of my Alabama travels over the past six weeks. 

August Recess Roundup 

It is a very old tradition for Congress to recess during the hot and humid month of August.  Years ago, Congress had completed its work by this time and took the rest of the year off.  However, we now reconvene after what has become known as the August District Work Period. 

This time has always been valuable for me to spend listening to my constituents.  This year, with Speaker Pelosi setting aside six whole weeks for my colleagues and me to spend in our respective districts, I took advantage.  I was glad to be able to see so many old and new friends and speak directly with people I represent throughout the district. 

During the first week of the District Work Period, Alabama got some good news.  That week, I received a call from Seema Verna, Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid.  Administrator Verma informed me that the Trump Administration had finalized a new rule containing reforms to the Medicare Wage Index I have fought for since coming to Congress. 

These reforms mean millions of dollars that should have been coming to Alabama hospitals will now come our way.  In the past, these dollars were going to hospitals in more populated areas like New York and Los Angeles.  This important news will especially aid our rural hospitals who have struggled for too long. 

Our district has a diversity of interests including our Gulf fisheries, manufacturing and industry, diversity small businesses, and agriculture.  I held an Economic Development Roundtable in my Mobile office with community leaders from the district to discuss all the issues and challenges they face.  I also attended a franchise roundtable at CertaPro Painters in Daphne. 

Fortunately, the Trump economy is benefitting small businesses and local economies, and tax cuts and reduced regulations have freed business owners to do what they do best. 

Of course, the water resources in our district are second to none.  It was a pleasure to speak at the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway Conference about our port and waterways and the need to responsibly manage these valuable resources. 

In Spanish Fort, I was able to speak to the Society of Military Engineers about all the work they do for our national security.  And I was able to make the drive to Ozark to speak with members of the Association of the United States Army. 

As you probably know, I enjoy hosting town hall meetings so I can hear directly from constituents.  Since taking office in 2014, I have held over 100 district town halls.  In August, I held lively town halls in Grand Bay and Atmore. 

Even when I am not in the district, my staff is working for you.  They hold monthly community office hours in each of the six counties I represent.  Here members of my staff can personally help you with any problems you may be experiencing with federal agencies including the Department of Veterans Affairs, Medicare, and Social Security.  We can help you with your passport too. 

Of course, you can always call or email my office as well if you need our assistance.  I am proud that we have helped hundreds of constituents navigate the federal bureaucracy.  Little is more satisfying to me or my staff then helping a veteran get the assistance he or she deserves. 

Speaking with Alabama nurses, farmers, mechanics, veterans, teachers, and retirees over the past six weeks was a great pleasure.  Getting the chance over Labor Day to spend time with my grandkids was a wonderful treat too. 

With Congress reconvening this week, I look forward to continuing my service to you and bringing Alabama values to Washington. 

Good Economic News 

The August Jobs Report reflects more good news for the U.S. economy and American workers!  We added 130,000 jobs, average hourly earnings are up 3.2 percent, and unemployment is at a historic low of 3.7 percent. 

Byrne Supports Huntsville for Space Command 

Last week, I sent a letter to Secretary of Defense Mark Esper expressing my strong support for the U.S. Space Command (USSPACECOM) to be permanently headquartered in Huntsville.  The space legacy and unmatched workforce of the Rocket City make it an ideal choice for the U.S. Space Command headquarters.  Huntsville’s contributions to America’s space program and national security have expanded over the years, making Huntsville the premier hub of America’s space technology.  Click here to read my letter. 

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Photo of the Week 

(Photo Credit: MC3 Abby Rader/U.S. Navy) 

Alabamians can be proud of our critical contributions to America's national security! It's great to see another Mobile-made LCS in Singapore outfitted with the latest and greatest in Navy weapons. 

What's Ahead 

The House is back in session this week after a long recess.  Speaker Pelosi is expected to concentrate on more gun control bills this week.  With a Republican Senate, these bills stand no chance of passing.  The House Judiciary Committee will continue ramping up impeachment efforts against President Trump.  Democrats leading the House would be much better served to address the concerns of Americans like passing the President's USMCA trade deal, addressing the national security crisis at our border, and bringing up bipartisan bills to address prescription drug prices. 

Before the month is out, Congress must pass appropriations bill to fund the government.  It is possible the House considers a short term extension while the House and Senate look to consolidate their bills.  A National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) must be passed soon as well.  It is likely the Republican Senate, which passed a bipartisan bill, will take the lead.  The House bill was poisoned by provisions unrelated to our defense like climate change. 

As always, if you need help with a federal agency or have questions about anything under debate in Washington, please contact my office. You can call my Mobile office at 251-690-2811 or you can click here to send me an email directly. I also invite you to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to get up-to-the-minute updates. At the end of the day, my staff and I are here to serve you! 

Stay in touch, 

Congressman Bradley Byrne




Dear Friend, 

Its good to be back in Alabama after a wonderful visit to Israel!  With continued attacks on Israel from members of Congress and even members of the mainstream media being exposed for anti-Semitic comments, there could hardly have been a better time to personally reinforce our important alliance. 

We Must Stand With Israel 

Israel means so much to our nation.  The American people have no better friend.  As the only democracy in the volatile Middle East, Israel is one of our greatest partners on the global stage.  And Israel, particularly Jerusalem, holds a close personal significance to many Americans of different faiths. 

Israel is a very special place to my wife and me.  Four years ago, Rebecca and I traveled together to the Holy Land in a visit that affected us deeply.  On this transformational trip, we renewed our baptismal covenant in the River Jordan.  From the Golan Heights to the site of Solomon’s temple, our travels reinforced our Christian faith. 

Last week, I once again visited Israel.  My visit coincided with a diplomatic dustup between Israel and two members of the Squad, Representatives Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar. 

The Squad’s hatred of Israel, support of the BDS movement, and denial of Israel’s right to exist weighed heavily on the minds of many Israelis who already live in danger.  With all Israel faces, I respect Israel’s decision to block Tlaib, Omar, and their anti-Israel activism out of the country. 

The week brought many moments of poignancy that provided important perspective.  As part of our tour of the Old City of Jerusalem, we visited the Western Wall, which offered a meaningful opportunity for me to pray for our nation and state.  This was a very special moment for me. 

Looking down upon the City of David from the Temple Mount, one of the holiest spots in the world, it is difficult not to be overwhelmed.  Being near the location where Abraham almost sacrificed his son Isaac and walking the Southern Steps, where so many biblical figures traveled, was equally moving.  And it was thrilling to see the Bethesda pool from the fifth chapter of the Gospel of John.  Perhaps the highlight of the week occurred at the Mount of Olives and Gethsemane.  Praying at the site where Jesus prayed to his father before being crucified was a truly amazing experience. 

We met with several American and Israeli officials, including the U.S. Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, who provided unique insights on Israel’s challenges.  Ambassador Friedman is a true champion of the U.S.-Israeli relationship 

A highlight of the week was meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  The opportunity to reinforce in person our two nations’ commitment to one another was of critical importance.  He is a great friend of the United States. 

Speaking with Israeli military officials about Israel’s missile defense programs like Iron Dome, Arrow and David’s Sling made it clear that Israel is in a tough neighborhood.  Adversaries like Iran would wipe them out if the chance arose.  Israel’s high-tech defense programs are impressive, and I’m proud of U.S. support for these programs. 

Without question, President Trump’s steps to strengthen our alliance with Israel, including the bipartisan action of relocating the American embassy to its rightful location in Jerusalem, are beneficial and long overdue.  Both parties should support actions to strengthen this alliance.  I wish all my colleagues would visit Israel and talk directly with Israelis about the challenges they face.  Israel is special place, and we must stand firm in our alliance with its people. 

Israel remains a crucial American ally in a dangerous world.  Though anti-Israel sentiments are only held by a minority of Americans, I am increasingly concerned they seem to be finding a sympathetic mouthpiece from the mainstream media.  Anti-Semitism and hatred of Israel cannot be tolerated or go unchallenged.  I promise to continue proudly standing with Israel. 

Trump Administration Closes Immigration Loophole 

The Trump Administration has moved to get rid of a loophole in immigration law that has allowed illegal immigrants to flood into our country. ‪This was the right and humanitarian thing to do. There is much more to be done, but we cannot continue to condone and encourage illegality at our Southern border that fuels the ongoing crisis.  Read more here. 

Byrne Holds August Staff Community Office Hours 

Representatives from my office will hold community office hours this week in Baldwin and Escambia counties.  If you are having problems with federal agencies such as the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Medicare, Social Security, or receiving a United States passport, my staff can help.  If you can't make it, please know you can always call my office to receive help.  We work for you! 

 Tuesday, August 27 

 9:30 – 10:30 am: Spanish Fort City Hall 

11:00 am – 12:00 pm: Daphne City Hall 

1:00 – 2:00 pm: Fairhope City Hall 

3:00 – 4:00 pm: Robertsdale City Hall 

 Wednesday, August 28 

10:00 – 11:00 am: Brewton City Hall 

11:30 am – 12:30 pm: Flomaton City Hall 

2:00 – 3:00 pm: Bay Minette City Hall 

Thursday, August 29 

9:00 – 10:00 am: Orange Beach City Hall 

10:30 – 11:30 am: Gulf Shores City Hall 

1:30 – 2:30 pm: Foley City Hall 

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"Last week, President Trump signed an executive order that will help our disabled veterans with student loan forgiveness. Our disabled veterans have sacrificed so much in service to our country, so I'm proud to see this happen for them." 

What's Ahead 

The House recess continues.  I will be traveling throughout Alabama and hope to see many of you before returning to Washington next month.  It remains to be seen what legislation Speaker Pelosi will prioritize once we return.  If things continue as they have this year, we will vote on little besides Democrat messaging bills that pander to their base and have no chance of passage into law. 

As always, if you need help with a federal agency or have questions about anything under debate in Washington, please contact my office. You can call my Mobile office at 251-690-2811 or you can click here to send me an email directly. I also invite you to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to get up-to-the-minute updates. At the end of the day, my staff and I are here to serve you! 

Stay in touch, 

Congressman Bradley Byrne



Dear Friend, 

I hope you're staying cool during this warm weather!  I worked up a sweat traveling the state this week, but it was worth it to see and talk with so many of you.  We have set new records for the number of employed Alabamians and unemployment rates, and while there is more work to be done, I am glad President Trump's policies have yielded so much economic benefit to working Alabamians. 

Back in Washington, the "Socialist Squad" was trying to make our close ally Israel sweat too.  The big news was Israel blocking members of the "Socialist Squad" from entering.  These representatives have repeatedly maligned Israel and even questioned its right to exist.  There is little question they intended to sow discord once inside the host country. 

After Israel relented and agreed to allow Rep. Rashida Tlaib entrance to visit her ailing grandmother, Rep. Tlaib turned down the trip altogether, revealing her true intention all along was to create an embarrassing public spectacle.  It is sad that Members of Congress would go through such effort seeking to embarrass one of our closest diplomatic allies, but the Democratic party increasingly has become a safe haven for hatred of Israel and the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement.  However, you can rest assured that I will continue to keep the heat on enemies of America and our allies. 

To End Violence, Return to American Values 

The recent violence in our country – and the passionate debates it has sparked – have led me to reflect on the emotional state of our country and the battle being waged between good and evil. 

I thought back to comments I gave earlier this year at a naturalization ceremony.  These new citizens were gifted with the opportunity to forge for themselves a new American identity, complete with all its blessings, possibilities, and responsibilities. 

That morning at the U.S.S. Alabama Battleship Memorial Park, I spoke of the American belief in self-government, that ‘we the people’ can govern ourselves.  To successfully execute such a radical (at the time) idea, we had to found our nation on some basic values.  From our adherence and loyalty to those values, our American character was created. 

I quoted the words of the nineteenth century French observer of early America, Alexis De Tocqueville, written several decades after our nation’s founding.  He said “America is great because she is good.  If America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.” 

De Tocqueville knew that democracy, in many ways, is a burden upon its people.  They cannot rely on the direction of an autocrat.  In a democracy, more so than other systems of government, the nature of its people is reflected in their government.  De Tocqueville knew that for a representative democracy like ours to remain, its people must be virtuous.  That is a big responsibility! 

With the goal of creating and preserving a virtuous society, our founders laid out fundamental principles.  Our natural rights were given to us by God.  Government is instituted by men to protect those rights.  With our rights preserved, our values can flourish. 

Those values have led to the traditions, vibrancy, and endurance of American culture. 

We all know that our country is one of religious freedom.  Each of us can practice any religion we choose or none at all.  The establishment clause of our constitution prohibits an official state religion. 

However, our nation has increasingly rejected our foundational beliefs in natural rights and moral absolutism – that there is universal right and wrong that does not change.  Without these beliefs, law and order and even good and evil are subjective.  Not only can these definitions change from generation to generation, but conflicting value systems will clash violently in the present. 

Unfortunately, the post-modern world in which we live seeks not only to undermine religious freedom but moral absolutism itself.  These attacks are no longer limited to the salons of liberal coastal enclaves.  They are now taking place in the halls of Congress. 

I’m also troubled by the weakening of an American quality that has served to keep our large and diverse nation together—our sense of community. 

Communities are not made up of thousands of Twitter followers or Facebook friends.  They are forged through the personal interactions all humans need.  They are forged at neighborhood parties, Little League practices, Friday night football games, and places of worship. 

Unfortunately, in recent decades, our sense of community has been lost, and the consequences have been swift and severe.  Technologies initially projected to bring us together have led to a growing epidemic of crushing isolation.  Mental health issues have skyrocketed. 

The result has been a fundamental breakdown of American society.  To reverse the trend, we must return to the values and sense of community that made America strong. 

These traditional American values are Alabama values.  They have guided me as a son, brother, father, and now grandfather.  They are the values that guide me in Washington. 

I will not remain silent while those who cherish these values are attacked and blamed for problems caused by the rejection of what made us great.  American values – and our rights – must be defended. 

Byrne Holds Grand Bay, Atmore Town Hall Meetings 

It was great to be in Grand Bay and Atmore this week for packed town hall meetings! On both locations, we had a productive discussion about the Mobile River Bridge and Bayway project and my ongoing work to fight efforts to toll this project.  We also discussed our recent victory on the Medicare Wage Index.  I fought hard for this fix that will bring millions of dollars to Alabama hospitals. 

Red Snapper Season Extended 

Great news for Alabama anglers! The State has reviewed 2019 red snapper catch data and added two more days – Aug. 31 and Sep. 1 – to the private angler recreational season.  I began fighting for state management of our red snapper fishery as soon as I arrived in Washington, and I'm glad to see the Gulf Coast continue to benefit after being freed from federal bureaucracy! 

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"A special report: Port of Mobile." AL Political Reporter 

It was a privilege to visit the headquarters of Shipt in Birmingham on Wednesday. Shipt is revolutionizing how American shoppers buy groceries, and I’m proud this innovation is happening in Alabama! 

What's Ahead 

While the House remains in recess this week, it will be my privilege to visit Israel, our closest ally in the Middle East.  As the only democracy in the region and one of our most important diplomatic friends, Israel must be defended against our shared geopolitical foes.  Their military and intelligence assistance to the United States plays a critical role in keeping Americans safe at home and abroad. 

I remain troubled by the growing anti-Semitism in our country, particularly from my colleagues in Congress.  I look forward to doing my part this week to reinforce the friendship between our two nations.    I look forward to telling you more about my trip next week. 

As always, if you need help with a federal agency or have questions about anything under debate in Washington, please contact my office. You can call my Mobile office at 251-690-2811 or you can click here to send me an email directly. I also invite you to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to get up-to-the-minute updates. At the end of the day, my staff and I are here to serve you! 

Stay in touch, 

Congressman Bradley Byrne



Dear Friend, 

I hope you had a great weekend and are staying cool!  The temperature was hot on the House floor last week too.  Democrats continued to ignore the problems facing Americans.  Instead, they forced through job-killing minimum wage legislation that will unfairly harm those looking to join the workforce but, fortunately, will never be signed into law. 

Democrats also passed a resolution holding Attorney General Barr and Commerce Secretary Ross in contempt.  Democrats were protesting the Trump Administration's alleged stonewalling of partisan investigations into prior efforts to include a citizenship question on the 2020 census.  Barr and Ross already had provided over 30,000 documents to Democrats, and the efforts to include the citizenship question - thanks to a bad Supreme Court decision - are no longer even going forward!  This was a total waste of Congress's time when we could address our border crisis or the cost of healthcare and prescription drugs. 

As always, Democrats prefer attacking Donald Trump to governing.  After President Trump rightly called out four Members of Congress for their long histories of un-American and anti-Semitic statements, Democrats brought a resolution to condemn the President.  Things got heated when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi broke House rules to unfairly attack President Trump.  After several hours, the House Parliamentarian confirmed Pelosi broke the rules with the language she used about the President.  The presiding officer, a Democrat, slammed down the gavel and left the floor in disgust with the overcharged political climate.  House Democrats proceeded to vote along party lines essentially to ignore the Parliamentarian - the official expert on House rules and procedures - and allow Pelosi to remain on the floor. 

With problems like these in their caucus, don't expect House Democrats to get around to addressing issues that matter to you and me. 

Border Battle Harms Alabama Communities 

The detrimental effects of the humanitarian and national security crisis on our border extend all the way to Alabama communities.  That’s why I’ve made it a priority to address our immigration policies. 

One of the most obvious ways our insecure border harms our communities is the drug trade.  Our porous border is perhaps the most significant contributing factor to the ongoing opioid crisis—the worst drug epidemic in modern American history.  In 2017, over 47,000 lives were claimed by opioids.  That’s more than those from car accidents and firearms.  These deaths have affected families across our great state. 

The drug problem is made worse by the unprecedented migrant surge.  James Carroll, director of the U.S. Office of Drug Control Policy, said just last week that drug seizures are down this year because so much attention is being diverted to humanitarian needs. 

Because of that diversion, border patrol agents and resources are unable to be allocated towards their fundamental law enforcement functions.  According to Carroll, more drugs are coming in than ever before. 

One of the primary drivers of the migrant crisis is our asylum policy.  Through a combination of loopholes worsened by a legal settlement made by the Clinton Administration, migrants are encouraged to cross our border and give themselves up to law enforcement. 

After arrest, migrants claiming asylum are eventually permitted entrance into the country while their claims are processed.  This is permitted even when migrants do not cross at a legal checkpoint. 

Although, by some estimates, only around a tenth of asylum claims are found by our courts to be legitimate, the vast majority never show up for their court date and remain free inside the United States. 

A disproportionate number of these asylum claims are made by able-bodied young men.  Only a few months ago, a Mobile teacher was killed in a car crash by an illegal immigrant minor who had falsely claimed asylum but never showed at his court date to avoid deportation. 

The coyotes and cartels, of course, have every reason to facilitate migrants along their journey and orchestrate lawlessness at the border. 

Last week, one of the biggest points of entry at the Southern border had to be shut down after a wave of nearly 50 undocumented immigrants rushed the border into Texas. The group attempted to tear down barricades and assaulted several border patrol officers who were forced to deploy tear gas and pepper balls. 

Let’s call these people what they are – criminals.  And while border agents were able to keep these criminals out of our communities, many more slip through the cracks while agents deal with illegal stunts like this and the humanitarian needs of asylee claimants. 

Last year, a 13-year-old girl in Huntsville was beheaded after witnessing the stabbing of her grandmother by gang members in a horrific incident involving members of the Sinaloa Cartel.  It is disheartening that gangs like MS-13 have infiltrated communities throughout our nation, but stories like this reinforce the sad truth that the problem is impacting Alabamians. 

There are other significant problems that do not receive headlines.  I’ve spoken with Alabama sheriffs who have shared horror stories about the strain illegal immigration places on their deputies.  And I’ve talk to incredibly frustrated school superintendents who must divert resources away from educating local students to deal with their illegal immigrant population.  Our hospitals are also placed under enormous burdens by illegal immigration.  And governments are forced to pay for services for illegal immigrants that could have gone towards roads, bridges and other services for Americans. 

This is not just a Texas, New Mexico, Arizona or California issue.  This is an Alabama issue.  I will continue standing with President Trump and work to get an immigration system that works for the American people. 

Byrne Holds Prichard Town Hall 

Thanks to those of you who came to our town hall in Prichard.  Town halls are a great way for us to engage in productive discussions, and I have held well over 100 of them since coming to Congress.  On one subject, everyone in the room seemed in agreement--ALDOT must go back to the drawing board and get rid of tolls for the new I-10 bridge.  I'll continue leading the fight--as I have for years--to eliminate tolls and to pursue alternative funding for this project. 

Byrne Opposes Job-Killing Minimum Wage Bill 

Instead of government mandates that would kill jobs and depress growth, Congress should be working with President Trump to eliminate wasteful regulations and continue fueling the strong Trump economy.  To see my floor speech against this bad bill, click here. 

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Last week I was able to surprise Carol Gurganus from Mobile for her birthday.  I had a great time visiting with her and her family on the Capitol steps. Happy Birthday, Carol! 

What's Ahead 

House Democrats will continue neglecting the needs of the American people as they pursue their socialist agenda.  Many regressive, extremist Democrats are still fuming several weeks after a bipartisan Senate bill to offer humanitarian aid to migrants passed.  It appears their pressure campaign on Pelosi for a vote on their ultra partisan bill has won, and the regressives will have their day on the House floor this week.  Even if this bad bill passes the House, it will never see the light of day in the Senate. 

To keep up to date with what is happening on the House Floor, click here. 

As always, if you need help with a federal agency or have questions about anything under debate in Washington, please contact my office. You can call my Mobile office at 251-690-2811 or you can click here to send me an email directly. I also invite you to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to get up-to-the-minute updates. At the end of the day, my staff and I are here to serve you! 

Stay in touch, 

Congressman Bradley Byrne




Once again, we were met this past week with the news of another tragic attack on people exercising their freedom of religion. 

My heart aches for all those impacted by the horrific shooting in California this past Saturday at the Congregation Chabad synagogue. I am keeping everyone there in my prayers. 

Additionally, I continue to pray for all those affected by the Easter Sunday attacks on worshipers in Sri Lanka last week. 

There is absolutely no room in the United States or the world for such hatred. 

This week is National Holocaust Remembrance week. It is truly awful that there are still those in the world who would carry out such violence simply due to someone’s religious practices. 

I pray that we as a nation can come together during these times to understand that we are all God’s creatures and must treat one another with dignity. 

Big Win for Rural Alabama Hospitals! 

A handful of stories in Washington generally get about 90 percent of the media’s attention. Don’t get me wrong, many of those stories are important, but much of my time in Washington is also focused on getting things done for Alabama that don’t make the front page. 

This week we got a big win on just one of those many issues. Over the last ten years, Alabama has seen a string of hospitals close. Today, 88 percent of our rural Alabama hospitals are operating in the red. This is unsustainable and represents a major challenge. 

When a rural hospital closes, it can be devastating for the surrounding area. High paying jobs are lost. Folks must drive much further for their healthcare. And, it makes it harder to attract new jobs and opportunity to our rural communities, one of my major goals. 

A significant driver of the hospital closure problem is a broken Medicare formula known as the “Wage Index”. Under the Wage Index, hospitals are paid different amounts for doing the exact same work. Some difference in payment makes sense, but Alabama hospitals are often paid thousands less than similar hospitals as nearby as Georgia or Florida. Some hospitals in areas like California and New York can be paid almost three times as much as Alabama hospitals. This is simply unfair and makes no sense. 

To make it worse, under the Wage Index, the difference grows every year. The more your hospital spends, often the more it gets from Medicare. Only in Washington would we reward hospitals that bloat their costs with more money while punishing those who operate efficiently, but that is exactly how the Wage Index works. It has been a problem for Alabama for almost 30 years. 

When President Trump came into office, one of the first things I did was meet with his Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Administrator Seema Verma about this issue. Administrator Verma promised that she would look into the Wage Index. For nearly two years, my office continued to work with CMS looking for a solution. Representative Terri Sewell and I organized 45 House Members whose districts have this same problem to make suggestions on fixes to the Trump Administration. 

Based on that hard work, the Trump Administration put forward an exciting new proposal last week to reform the Wage Index. Under the Administration’s plan, Alabama hospitals are set to receive approximately $34 million more per year from Medicare, with much of that money going to rural hospitals that need it the most. Even better, none of this is new spending. It’s simply redirecting federal funds that Alabama hospitals are owed that have been unfairly going to places like Los Angeles. 

This is a huge win for our state and will help with the rural hospital problem. Like I said, you probably won’t hear much about it in the news. It’s not flashy, it’s not something that generates views and clicks, but things like this are critical to my work in Washington to move things forward for Alabama. 

Over $30 Million in Funding Coming to Alabama 

I am excited about the GOMESA funds announced last Thursday that will go towards our continuing coastal restoration and environmental protection efforts in Southwest Alabama! 

I have consistently fought to protect this program to continue its outstanding record of providing important funding to the Gulf Coast. Our coastal counties are blessed with an amazingly diverse and important ecosystem, and it is up to us to take care of these natural resources. I will continue to be a strong advocate for this important program. 

Following FY 18 sales, the Trump Administration announced last week that the State of Alabama will receive $24.47 million, Baldwin County will receive $2.75 million, and Mobile County will receive $3.3 million. All of these numbers are an increase from last year. As authorized by the Gulf of Mexico Energy Act of 2006, GOMESA funds from offshore oil sales are shared among Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas. 

In the past, I have offered an appropriations amendment to preserve GOMESA funds and ensure this money is not rerouted from Gulf states. 


More Positive Economic News for AL 

Last week, we saw two great stories out on our booming economy here in Alabama, especially here in the Southwest! 

To start, on Wednesday, Yellowhammer News reported on a recent report from the Milken Institute which found the cities of Daphne, Fairhope and Foley to be among the best performing small cities in America for job and wage growth, as well as other aspects. 

So glad to see this national recognition for Southwest Alabama! Baldwin County is growing at an incredible rate, both in population and economically, and I am proud of the hardworking Alabamians who have made that a reality. 

And on Thursday, reported that in 2018, Alabama saw $8.7 billion in investment and 17,000 new jobs added to our economy throughout the state! 

Alabama is growing at an incredible rate thanks to conservative, pro-growth, pro-America policies. 

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It was wonderful celebrating the conservation of 470 acres of critical coastal wildlife habitat at the Little Point Clear Unit at the Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge Friday with Governor Kay Ivey and so many others. I was also proud to stand by Governor Ivey Friday morning as she announced a new $250,000 grant from GOMESA funds for a long-needed boat ramp in Bayou La Batre. 

What's Ahead 

This week Congress is back in Washington. 

After two weeks of hearing from folks like you, I am ready to get back to the grindstone in D.C. to take your priorities to the House Floor and to my colleagues’ ears. 

Time and again the crazy Democrats have proven that they do not care about the problems facing middle America. They are out of touch and their priorities are out of focus. 

As we get back to legislating this week, I want to thank everyone who took the time this past week to let me know what was on their mind. 

To keep up with what is happening on the House Floor this week, click here. 

As always, if you need help with a federal agency or have questions about anything under debate in Washington, please contact my office. You can call my Mobile office at 251-690-2811 or you can click here to send me an email directly. I also invite you to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to get up-to-the-minute updates. At the end of the day, my staff and I are here to serve you! 

Stay in touch, 

Congressman Bradley Byrne