Thank You for taking the time out of your busy schedule to join our prayer conference call. We are greatly honored and deeply humbled at the anointed intercessors chosen by God who will be joining our prayer conference calls. 


1) Please announce yourself and give the last 2 numbers of your phone number so we know who is on the line and what state you are calling from. Any blocked callers will be deleted from the call. 

2) After announcing your name (and the last 2 digits of your phone number), please mute your phone until the HOST calls your name.  

3) Because of the time differences, we ask that all callers pray no longer than 3 minutes each once called upon.  

4) The HOST will announce the PRAYER FOCUS for each call and invite the intercessors to pray as the LORD leads.  Try to stay focused on the subjects that the HOST has set forth for each particular calls. 

5) Please save prophetic words/dreams/visions for personal calls only so that everyone will have the opportunity to pray. It is our desire to host FOCUSED PRAYER CALLS.  

6) If you would like to be the first person to pray because you must leave the call early, please contact the HOST via email and make your request.  

7) Please forward all prayer requests and praise reports via email to the HOST, in advance of the calls so the HOST may share the prayer requests with our global prayer warriors. It is our desire to use this time for FOCUSED prayer only. This way the HOST may share all prayer requests with intercessors while on the call.  

8) If you are unable to stay on the call for the full duration, please feel free to hang up when you must. The HOST will know that you have left the call.  

9) These calls are scheduled to begin promptly at 7pm CST, so if you get on the call late, you may not lose your turn to pray, because again, due to the time difference, these calls should not last more than 1.5 hours. Sometimes our calls run over the one hour limit due to the volume of intercessors that join our calls, therefore we try to accmodate and stay on longer than the one hour allotted, but it is our goal to try to stay within the 1 hour limit per request of our co-hosts, and special guests.  

10) After everyone has had the opportunity to pray, the HOST may ask if anyone would like to pray about something else, so if time allows, we will go down the list of callers and offer each intercessor another 3 minutes to pray again. Again, remember the 3 minute limit and don't forget to mute your phone again after you have prayed. 

11) You may feel free to invite other prayer warriors to join our call, but please explain the protocol for these conference calls in advance.  Tell them to read this protocol page and feel free if they have any questions or special requests. 

We believe that there is power in agreement in prayer, and our desire is to pray in unity, agreement, and in one accord, and we always allow the Holy Ghost to lead. 

God Bless You and Thank You for joining our prayer conference calls. We know that the Holy Ghost led you to these prayer calls for a purpose, for such a time as this, and we are so very honored to be divinely connected with such anointed, mighty intercessors, and we give God all the glory!