I am so excited to share these beautiful, handmade worship items by the anointed and gifted Mrs. July Handley. Please check back often as we have so much more to share! We will also have free downloads, spiritual warfare prayers available on books and cds, along with audio recordings of interviews sharing Deborah's testimony, spiritual warfare poetry, prophetic intercessory prayers, spiritual warfare teachings, and prophetic words. We have so many wonderful things happening and we appreciate your patience. We know that your life will blessed and changed forever. We give God all the glory. All proceeds for Deborah's books go directly to support Israel, the IDF and Holocaust survivors. 


Deborah Taylor 

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After having my first angelic visitation, along with a vision, the Prophet told me to go and make myself a sackcloth garment. The man of God told me to spend the next sixty days in prayer and fasting and I obeyed. I continue to use my sackcloth garment daily, along with my prayer shawl, when I am in my War Room doing Spiritual Warfare. I recently found these videos on Youtube and thought it would be a great way to explain how to properly use the prayer shawl, or tallit, for such a time as this. Blessings!

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This video from youtube was posted by I posted this video because we are now selling beautiful prayer shawls from Israel. I thought this video would be helpful to teach you how to properly use the tallit/prayer shawl. 

Beloved, I have received many messages from precious souls asking what these prayer mats are for and why we sell them in our store. I felt led to share this movie to explain what the LORD is doing. In 2018, the Holy Ghost led me to this movie. After watching this movie, He put it on my heart to make prayer mats. I told the LORD I would love to make them if HE sent me help, because I don't sow. The very next morning, I received an email from a Dear Friend who volunteered to make these prayer mats, etc. for our ministry, along with the many other beautiful worship items. It was an INSTANT ANSWER TO PRAYER! The Holy Ghost used this movie not only to bless me, but to bless my new friend and her family. We have received many praise reports from those whom we have shared this movie with. There have been many marriages reconciled, re-dedications to the LORD, and even entire families have surrendered to the lordship of Christ Jesus. I highly recommend this movie which I found on PUREFLIX. Cancel Netflix and get PUREFLIX for great family friendly movies! You will be so glad you did! GLORY TO GOD!


Be sure and go to: for a greater selection of tabrets and many other beautiful worship items. This is where the Father led me years ago and Mrs. Strauss is the one who taught me about tabrets and other means of worship.  Her items are beautiful and she has teaching DVDs for training purposes.